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Rosatom Career Day: "Choose your future!"


The most anticipated career event for students – Rosatom Career Day, which is traditionally held by the State Corporation together with MEPhI and the corporate academy of Rosatom, has been held in MEPhI. For the eighth time, the event attracted more than 2 000 young people to the University, who came to learn about the present and future of the nuclear industry, internships, employment prospects and the latest developments of the Knowledge Corporation. Students of Rosatom supporting universities, as well as students and graduates of a number of other leading universities of Russia took a unique chance to build a career in a high-tech company. To do this, students were invited to visit the Fair of enterprises’ vacancies, which presented practices, internships and targeted training, as well as existing vacancies in the nuclear industry.

The high note of the event was given by the participation of the state corporation management. Students had the opportunity to dialogue with the Director General of Rosatom A.E. Likhachev. The first Deputy Director General of the unit for development and international business of the State Corporation Rosatom K.B. Komarov delivered a lecture on the main vectors of Rosatom development. The events hall gathered more than 400 people: MEPhI’s students from Moscow and regional sites, representatives of RSSU, Bauman MSTU, MUCTR and other Russian universities. Kirill Komarov noted that the nuclear industry of Russia occupies a leading position in the world: the first place in the construction of nuclear power plants, the second place in the reserves of enriched uranium, one of the first places in the production of nuclear fuel, and also drew attention to the fact that Rosatom is the only company in the world that owns a unique nuclear icebreaker fleet. "Rosatom is more than 250 000 employees, 25 cities, about 2.5 million people who live in these cities and connect their lives, well-being and development with the state corporation, more than 350 enterprises of different profiles, which make up the entire chain of nuclear power production. We can offer all services in the field of nuclear energy on the world stage: build a station, train personnel, conclude the supply of fuel for the entire life cycle, provide service and conduct work with people to explain why the future belongs to nuclear energy and what its advantages are," said K. Komarov. The speaker also noted that at the moment the state corporation was developing "new businesses": medical, radiation developments in the field of agriculture and others. Rosatom supports the so-called "green balance" and uses the generated electricity without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere: "We are talking about creating a completely new industry in Russia. The state corporation sets itself the task not only to build wind power plants, but also to create a system of technical regulation, training, organization of localization of wind power generators’ production, certification. We know better than anyone how to create new industries, as we are constantly engaged in solving such problems in the framework of the development of nuclear energy in Russia and in the world," Komarov explained.

Opening career events, the head of the Department of organization of educational activities and admission to university I.V. Tsvetkov said: "Today you are making a choice again. Just like after school you chose a university, now you choose your future job, and I wish you to make a good choice and find the company where you would like to work all your life. Choose your future!" The students were also addressed by the Deputy General Director of the Rosatom corporate academy E.I. Egorova-Kirilova: "Every year we accept about 400 graduates of MEPhI and its branches to our enterprises. Our need for university graduates for the next five years is more than four thousand. Today we are represented by 23 companies from different divisions. I advise you to be very active: ask questions, learn useful information. It is necessary for you to make the right choice. Rosatom chooses you, and you have to find an enterprise where you will work with pleasure."

To participate in the fair, students and graduates were given invitation cards, where representatives of personnel services of enterprises put their signature, confirming that the company is ready to accept a candidate for a job or internship. As a result, more than 500 students received future vouchers from employers.

The program of the Career Day, along with the poster session of the nuclear industry enterprises, included master classes, experiments from the nuclear industry enterprises, the engineering contest "Nuclear industry", the intellectual game "Knowledge Corporation - reload" and other activities that left no one indifferent, and everyone had the opportunity to find something interesting for themselves. Particular interest of the students was attracted by panel discussions on topical issues of employment and internships at Rosatom enterprises, as well as on joint educational programs and targeted training of students.

On this day, students of Pre-university were also asked to make a choice - the choice of institute or faculty they would like to enter. For future graduates of lyceums were offered with a presentation of the structural units of the University in the format of "Pecha-Kucha", when in 5 minutes representatives of institutes/faculties had to tell what and how they teach students, and where students can go to work after graduation.

Students, graduates and guests of the University shared their impressions about the Rosatom's career day.

Amrah Albabaev, 1st year master student, LAPLAS:

– It's great that there are such fairs, because it is very inconvenient to go to each company and learn information. Here in one place there are representatives of numerous enterprises whom you can ask everything directly. You can also learn about the companies that you have not heard about before and maybe there is something that suits you. Here you can leave your CV, some companies have a function where you can write a letter to the Director. It's good that there is the Career Day, because it makes life easier for both applicants and employers!

Arthur Won, 4 year student, INPhE:

- I came to the Rosatom Career Day to learn about my future prospects, because I'm studying not just for fun. With great interest I listened to the lecture by K.Komarov. Today I’ve participated in the quest "Innovations in the field of nuclear energy" from one of the enterprises. It was necessary to know the history of the nuclear industry well to pass it, it was a real puzzle! With a team of four people, we solved everything, opened the safe and won the portable chargers, so the Career Day of Rosatom is not only very informative, but also fun!

Svetlana Antonets, 2 year student, PhysBio:

- Today I act as a volunteer and help people navigate at the Rosatom Career Day. I am responsible for the site where you can learn about the tournament of young professionals from Rosatom, find internships or vacancies in Rosatom, get acquainted with the 3D model of the nuclear power plant, go through a virtual reality quest where you can briefly feel like a nuclear safety inspector at a nuclear power plant during an emergency. Today I’ve studied the 3D model of the Kalinin nuclear power plant, I was told in detail about the process of obtaining energy, which was very informative and visual.

Elena Gerasimenko, 1 year student, NESPI:

- Today I had a quick interview at a company that works in the field of high energy technology plasma. Thanks to this, I’ve learned that my specialty is in demand there. Of course, I am only the first year student, but now I know that I am expected there after graduation.

Maksim Ivanov, 2 year student, MISIS:

- The subject of nuclear energy and nuclear power plants is interesting to me, so I'm here. Today I was the operator of the NPP control room. I followed the instructions, so it went well. I began to better understand the specifics of this profession thanks to virtual reality technologies.

Kirill Logutov, SPTI MEPhI:

- There are many enterprises of the state corporation "Rosatom", you can talk with potential employers, learn about their prospects for the future. I already looked at the nuclear power plant in 3D, very impressive!

Alexander Akshenova, master student 1st year, LAPLAS:

- Today, I’ve won a book in the quiz: I checked my knowledge, and received a prize – that’s why I love such events! I’ve talked with representatives of companies that I am interested in and where I would like to build my career, managed to exchange contacts, and it was also interesting to know what else the companies represented today are doing.

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