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Laboratories of Nano-Bioengineering and Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials again on the cover of a world's leading journal
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters has published the study Enhancement of Biexciton Emission Due to Long-Range Interaction of Single Quantum Dots and Gold Nanorods in a Thin-Film Hybrid Nanostructure by Victor Krivenkov, Simon Goncharov, Pavel Samokhvalov, Ana Sánchez-Iglesias, Marek Grzelczak, Igor Nabiev, and Yury Rakovich, of the cluster of laboratories of Hybrid Photonic Nanomaterials (LPNM) and Nano-Bioengineering (LNBE) of MEPhI and Western European research centers
Russian Scientists Improve Deep Learning Method for Neural Networks
Researchers from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI's Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems have recently developed a new learning model for the restricted Boltzmann machine (a neural network) which helps optimize the processes of semantic encoding, visualization and data recognition. The results of research published in the journal "Optical Memoryand Neural Networks"
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