Global Nuclear Power: Developments and Prospects

Increases in annual worldwide energy consumption are forcing all countries to expand their power-generating facilities, including nuclear power plants.

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Nuclear Physics in Russia: An Education Unlike Anywhere Else in the World

Nuclear physics is one of the most advanced fields in Russian science. Our infographic shows what it takes to become a nuclear physicist in Russia.






Health Gadgets

The development of health-keeping technologies is a scientific branch which changes the traditional approach to human health. Technologies of this kind make diagnostics, preventive care, and treatment more efficient, turning medical equipment into mobile and affordable gadgets.






How Can You Tell a Robot From a Person?

A robot is an automaton, replacing humans, and sometimes even animals, either in part or completely in manufacturing processes and in an increasing number of other tasks. Theoretically, it is almost impossible to tell a sophisticated android-robot from a human being. So what are the tell-tale signs for telling a robot from a real person?





Quantenpunkte: Revolution in Medizin und Technik

Quantenpunkte können das Licht in einem breiten Spektrum absorbieren und in einem kleinen Abstand der Wellenlänge ausstrahlen, der durch die Größe des Nanokristalls bestimmt wird. Damit strahlt ein jeweiliger Quantenpunkt nur eine bestimmte Farbe aus.

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Antimatter, Dark Energy: What Else Does Modern Physics Look at?

What does modern phisycs look at besides antimatter and dark energy?