Government Mega Grants

Mega-grants carried out according to the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation "On measures to attract leading Russian and foreign scientists at Russian institutions of higher education"

The main objectives of the Government decision implementation:

  • Attraction world-renowned scientists
  • Organization of research laboratories competitive with the leading laboratories in the world
  • Promotion of young people involvement in science and education
  • Creation of sustainable contacts with leading scientific schools abroad
  • Transfer of promising developments to the industry

MEPhI has received mega-grants for research and the launch of world-class laboratories under the supervision of the following leading scientists:

  • Efremenko, Yuri V. (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA) Nabiyev, Igor R. (Reims Univ.,Nanotechnology dept., France) Interdepartmental Laboratory of Experimental Nuclear Physics
  • Olevsky, Eugene (Univ. of San Diego, CA, USA) Laboratory of electromagnetic methods of consolidation of new materials
  • Besson, David Zeke (Rutgers Univ., NJ, USA) Laboratory of silicon photomultipliers
  • Samsonov, Vladimir M. (B.P. Konstantinov Nuclear Physics Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia) Laboratory of microelectronic component base for large-scale physical experiments
  • Krasheninnikov, Sergey I. (UCSD, CA, USA) Laboratory of the plasma-surface interaction and plasma technology"

The total amount of funding on mega-grants - 720.0 million rubles