Student Life

There are more than 200 projects every year, 45 student associations and 8 activities:

  • the squadron movement
  • media center (design and photo studios, radio and TV)
  • volunteer movement
  • center of students culture
  • student scientific society
  • student sport activity

The overall purpose of the MEPhI Student Council is to give students the information and opportunity to realize their talents and ambitions during their study. Our team is a connection link between students and MEPhI administration, which embodies the student’s ideas and projects in the University environment.

Student Council has many huge projects:

MEPHI inside

Adaptation program for first-year students at the University. The program includes information about training activities, infrastructure, territory, schedule of classes, extracurricular activities, as well as familiarity with the group, exercises on teambuilding and leadership. The main part consists of information about the history and traditions of the University.


3-day intensive course of personal growth and professional competency, teambuilding activities, evening entertainment events and traditional bonfire. Today participants of the course are actively working in the Student Council.

Days of Physicist

A traditional creative intercollegiate festival, dedicated to the importance and fascination of science in MEPhI.


Work-trips to assist Rosatom in the construction of nuclear power stations.

Spring ball

A charming festival organized by the students where beautiful ladies and courteous gentlemen preserve traditions of dance.

"From heart to heart”

A traditional student charity festival with workshops, games zones, theatre and dance performances having only one aim – to help orphaned children. Festival takes place every year in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Distance no object"

It’s a program to integrate and exchange experiences with students from 11 branches of MEPHI across the country.


Sports club promotes student sports and television at the University.

Media center - the association that collects and shares relevant information about Student life

Contact us:

MEPHI, Moscow, Kashirskoe hwy, 31. Office 019


VK group:

Instagram: osomephi


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