Student Clubs

Student Research Society


Student Research Society is an association aimed at creating a single platform for horizontal communication between students, teachers, researchers and the university administration. The Student Research Society brings together students who are passionate about innovations and modern research trends and who are willing to sharing research ideas with everyone.

The Student Research Society includes associations EcoMEPhI (ecological student community for those who are not indifferent to MEPhI activities in the direction of sustainable development) and Club for Intellectual Game “What? Where? When?” (a popular intellectual game in which a team of experts brainstorms the answers to questions within a minute).

Key projects:

  • “Triscience Tournament”
  • MEPhI Science Tournament
  • Science Festival “MEPhI and Science”
  • Research-to-Practice Conference "Step into Science"
  • MEPhI Cup for Intellectual Games
  • Public lectures
  • Research laboratories visits


Head: Dmitriy Kalashnikov


Student Media Centre


Student Media Centre is a student association engaged in media coverage of MEPhI student activities and promotion the MEPhI brand among young people. 


  • news and announcements
  • victories and challenges
  • student music preferences
  • “Voice of science”
  • IT and psychology trends
  • MEPhI voyage – travel news and blog
  • MEPhI Radio

Every year, the Student Media Center holds the Media School - a cycle of theoretical and practical classes, aiming at obtaining practical skills in photo and video production and interacting actively with members of other student initiatives. 

Instagram: @mephimedia

Head: Irina Tyurina


Dormitory Council


Dormitory Council is a student association created to solve every-day problems of dormitory residents and organize useful and significant leisure activities.

Council tasks include:

  • protecting the rights and interests of MEPhI dormitory residents;
  • interacting with MEPhI leadership on improving the infrastructure and living conditions in MEPhI dormitories;
  • organizing and running cultural and entertainment events (game rooms, film screenings);
  • controlling living conditions and compliance with the rules of MEPhI dormitory residence;
  • developing external communications and interactions (participation in Moscow city competitions, communication with dormitory councils of other Moscow universities);
  • carrying out social events (quest for freshmen "Checked-in", "MEPhI Manual for Foreigners").


Head: Anastasia Lyuleva


Good Deeds Service


Good Deeds Service– social volunteering association.

 The main projects are:

  • Charity Festival “From Heart to Heart”
  • Special event “A Letter to Mother”
  • Donor Day (Blood Drive)
  • Health festival
  • Visits to orphan boarding schools


Head  – Adelya Khasanova


Volunteering Centre


Volunteering centre is a student association aiming at organizing and carrying out volunteering events.

VK: vcmephi

Instagram: @volunteer_mephi

Head: Maria Funtova


Student brigades


The history of MEPhI student construction brigades traces back to the virgin lands campaign. State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom supports student construction brigades’ activities, providing work at construction sites of nuclear power plants. The geography of brigades’ travels is very extensive. Since 2012, the brigades have managed to visit Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Crimea, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Orel, St. Petersburg, Belarus; several MEPhI students as a part of service teams have taken part at the opening of the first European Games in Baku in 2015. Moreover, members of MEPhI student brigades annually take part in activities of international student construction brigades at construction sites of nuclear power plants in India, Bangladesh, Finland, etc.

Student brigades:

  • Male construction brigade “Sleipnir”
  • Mixed construction brigade “Triumph”
  • Mixed construction brigade “Lighthouse”
  • Female construction brigade “Energy Creators”
  • Pedagogical brigade “AltaVista”
  • Snowy assault brigade “Mint”


Head of the Command Centre – Sergey Saenko
Officer of the Command Centre – Ekaterina Ganshina
Master of the Command Centre – Evgeniy Veretennikov


Student sport club "Reactor" 

Student sport club "Reactor" is a student association whose activities are aimed at popularizing sports and a healthy lifestyle. The club includes university teams of rugby, hockey, sambo, volleyball, basketball, sports tourism, football and mini-football, aerobics, baseball, kettlebell lifting, arm wrestling, chess, badminton, table tennis, shaping, trail orienteering, rock climbing, sports gymnastics, and cheerleading.


Head – Ekaterina Dolina




Mentors are students who help freshmen during the first semester with household and administrative issues, facilitate their adaptation at the university, development and setting goals for the future.

Each mentor is required to undergo a weekly training at the end of August - the Mentor School, where they receive the necessary information and obtain skills to work with freshmen during the semester. At the Mentor School, participants get acquainted with MEPhI student clubs and gain skills in project activities.

The beginning of work with freshmen is a traditional event at the end of August - "MEPhI Manual", where freshmen first get acquainted with their classmates and mentors.

The mentorship has been implemented at MEPhI since 2012.

Instagram: @curator_mephi

Head: Maria Funtova


Academic male choir


MEPhI academic male choir is the winner of many international competitions. In 2016, the team of about 200 MEPhI students and alumni marked its 60th anniversary. The choir gives regular concerts in Russia and abroad. In July 2016, competing with 230 other teams throughout the world, MEPhI academic male choir has won the IX World Choir Games in Sochi, having been awared with 2 gold medals. MEPhI academic male choir takes 11th position in the world ranking of male choirs.




Directors: Nadezhda Malyavina, Mikhail Dmitriev


Ballroom dancers ensemble ESTA-MEPhI


Every month the ensemble conducts open dance lessons (master classes) for young people and students who lead an active lifestyle and who are willing to learning something new and interesting. ESTA-MEPhI offers weekly dance sport classes in beginner and dance sports skilled groups.


Head: Alexander Poreshin 


Military History and Role Modeling Club


Military History and Role Modeling Club is a student association, whose activities are dedicated to the historical reconstruction of the times of the Golden Horde of the XIII-XIV centuries.

The club's activities include teaching the basics of historical fencing, demonstration performances, tournaments (single fights), archery competitions and maneuvers (team battles), where actors demonstrate the acquired skills.

Instagram: @virm_mephi/

Head – Alexey Egorov


MEPhI Visual Art Centre


MEPhI Visual Art Centre is a student association, which allows participants to realize and develop their creative abilities, get psychological relief, and raise cultural awareness. Club members do not only create themselves, but also visit exhibitions and art galleries.

Key projects:

  • Catalog of works of students and staff of NRNU MEPhI
  • VK Drawing workshops
  • Drawing Marathon
  • Portrait stations and master classes at the "From Heart to Heart"
    Charity Festival


Head – Inna Zhukova
HeadSafronov Michail


The Eighth Creative Union


The Eighth Creative Union is a student theater of pop sketches that has been staging comedies at MEPhI and beyond for over 50 years. The Union makes concerts and individual programs and performs at MEPhI and other universities (in particular, at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University, Belarus State University.

The first stage performance took place on 13 December 1969.

  • to perform on stage;
  • to learn to improvise;
  • to reveal yourself from a new side;
  • to write original comedy texts;


Head – Roman Kozlov 


MEPhI Centre for Cultural Projects


MEPhI Centre for Cultural Projects is a club for connoisseurs of arts and beauty. The centre provides opportunities to watch the best theatre performances, visit interesting museum exhibitions, get acquainted with the peculiarities of cinema production, immerse yourself into the figurative and symbolic language of classical and modern painting, communicate with leading representatives of the musical, literary, artistic and research communities.

Head – Dmitriy Khrebtov


Vocal studio “Quanto di Stella”


Vocal studio “Quanto di Stella” is a student club that unites people who are fond of music and songs. The repertoire includes songs by jazz, legendary songs of MEPhI alumni, Soviet and Russian songs etc.


Head – Liliya Belousova


MEPhological Travels 


“MEPhological Travels” is an association created with the aim of organizing travel for students, as well as discussing issues related to the topic of travelling – discuss the impressions on countries having visited and share life hacks. “MEPhological Travels” have organized trips to Russian cities and towns (Vyborg, Tula, Karelia, Kazan), the capital of Latvia – Riga, and even Germany, and have big plans for the future after the pandemic!

Instagram: @mephitravels

Head – Margarita Kozak


MEPhI Case Club


MEPhI Case Club is a community of like-minded people who strive for constant self-development and building a successful career through participation in case championships.

Key projects:

  • Case championship for freshmen
  • Case Club presentation
  • Course of master classes on solving cases
  • Master classes on soft-skills
  • Visits to offices and HQ of large companies
  • Online case championship in Minecraft

Instagram: @cmephi
Head – Gleb Salakhov 


Chamber Choir “Carpe diem”


The chamber choir was founded in 2001. The choir annually takes part in cultural events of the University, conducts active concert activities, performs at leading concert venues in Moscow and represents MEPhI at city and international festivals

CARPE DIEM performs independent music programs in collaboration with professional musical ensembles. The repertoire includes choral music from different eras.

Winner of the 2nd All-Russian Choir Competition-Festival "Choral Kazan-2016" (category "Mixed Choirs"); winner of a special prize for the best performance of an a-cappella piece.

Winner of the IV International Festival of Choral Music named after G.E. Teratsuyants in nomination "The best performance of a work by a composer of the countries of Northern Europe and Karelia" (Petrozavodsk, 2017).



Choir artistic director – Elena Gurskaya

Choirmaster – Ostap Dautov