Our team of experienced scientists is committed to conducting theoretical and applied research to receive new knowledge or understand the particular subject as well as to producing useful materials, devices, or methods, including design and development of prototypes.

Here is the list of MEPhI Laboratories:

  • Laboratory of electromagnetic methods of new materials production
  • Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Reactor Physics
  • Laboratory of Nano-bioengineering
  • Laboratory of coordinate tracking detectors (DÉCOR)
  • Laboratory of new research methods EAS (NEVOD-EAS)
  • Radiation Laboratory
  • Laboratory “Investigations of condensed matter and nanostructures using synchrotron ration and free electron lasers”
  • Laboratory “Radiation diagnostics and radiation technology using super intensive laser radiation”
  • Laboratory ITER-MEPhI
  • Laboratory of energy-efficient coatings
  • Laboratory of ion-cluster technology
  • Laboratory of advanced equipment and microwave electronics technology based on 2D nanostructures
  • Extreme Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of hybrid nanosystems and composites
  • Laboratory of new materials synthesis for alternative energy and environmental protection
  • Laboratory of biologically inspired cognitive architectures