Dormitory 2 (2 Moskvorechie St., Bld.2)

Dormitory 2 (2 Moskvorechie St., Bld.2)


  • A ten-minute walk from the metro station “Kashirskaya” (green (Zamoskvoretskaya) line) towards Moskvorechie Street. Turn to the left to the Moskvorechie Street and go forward. The dormitory is located on the right side of the street.
  • Take a bus 162, 192, 150 from the metro station “Kashirskaya” and go to the next stop.



a 24-storey building with 2 sections, 4 elevators in each section – two passenger elevators and two service elevators.


The building comprises three types of flats: one-room (for 3-4 people), two-room (for 4-6 people) and three-room (for 6-8 people).

All rooms are fully equipped for comfortable living: beds (with mattresses), desks, chairs, wardrobes and bedside tables, a separate WC, a kitchen and a bathroom in each flat.

Each kitchen includes a sink, a microwave oven, a table and chairs; an electric stove with four cooking plates on each in the kitchen.

Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms and kitchens themselves.


There is a small laundry room on Floors 1 + each floor is being equipped with a washing machine. A laundry room is open 24/7.

Students are provided with: a pillow, a pillow cover, a mattress, a mattress cover, a woolen blanket, a bedspread, and a set of bedclothes: a sheet, a blanket cover, a pillowcase, and a towel.

Bedclothes are changed weekly.


Free WiFi is available on 24 floors, authorization required.


Private security service supervises all the dormitories.

Guards monitor what happens inside the facilities, and video cameras have been installed near the dormitory’s entrance and along its perimeters.

Parents and guests are allowed in the dormitory daily between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. upon a request (DUE TO PANDEMIA REASONS UNAVAILABLE TILL THE RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED)

The dormitory is open 24/7 for MEPhI students.