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Nikolay I. Kargin


Mikhail Zhabitsky

Executive Director

MEPhI Higher Engineering School is a unit, created to train elite personnel for digital transformation of Russia.

The mission of the School:

to form a complex of related competencies in the field of engineering with the use of breakthrough digital technologies that are in demand in high-tech industries.

In relation to the development of digital technologies, companies need triple-threat specialists: to be keen on the latest technologies, to speak English fluently besides native language and to be able to negotiate with customers. MEPhI Higher Engineering School aims to training such professionals.


The MA programs at the MEPhI Higher Engineering School are focused on various topical research and educational activities:

  • engineering training;
  • configuration management of complex engineering objects;
  • life cycle management of complex technological systems.

  • Research
  • Education
  • Faculty
  • Collaboration
  • Publications

Research activity of the MEPhI Higher Engineering School is aimed at unique composition of engineering sciences and innovative technologies in demand in high-tech industries.

Practical training

HES MEPhI students from the first semester are registered for work in the ASE Group - and this is the leader of the world nuclear engineering business. Representations, branches and operational offices of the company operate in the territory of 15 countries. Almost 80% of the portfolio of orders falls on projects abroad

ASE Group takes the first place in the world for the construction of nuclear power plants abroad, implementing projects for the construction of power units in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the Asia-Pacific region.

Training Directions


09.04.02 Data Engineering. Digital Technologies for Complex Engineering Objects

Master's degree program

09.04.02 Digital Engineering

Master's degree program

27.04.03 Artificial Systems Engineering

Master's degree program

09.04.01 Virtual and Augmented Reality for Technological Design

Master's degree program


Leading scientists of HES

Mikhail  Zhabitsky

MEPhI alumnus-1983, Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Worked as a MEPhI professor until 1992, after that held executive positions at Rosatom Corporation enterprises. He has extensive experience in information technologies and digital transformation of industrial technological processes. In 2018 returned to teaching at MEPhI. Since 2019 he has been the HES Deputy Head.


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