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Yuriy N. Barmakov


Yuriy Barmakov

ICYPHYS strategic goal:

to provide extensive multidisciplinary practice-oriented training in the field of innovative physics-technical intelligent (cyber-physical) systems and complexes in circuitry, program engineering, design and development, technological solutions, automatic process control systems operation and maintenance. 

Cyber-physical systems and complexes are those that consist of organic integration of sensors (sensitive elements) of various physical factors (temperature, acceleration, radiation, chemical composition, etc.), executive devices (mechanical, electrical, optical, nuclear, etc.) and intelligent information operational systems capable of self-management, self-learning, self-diagnostics.  Such systems and complexes will be highly demanded during the upcoming decades as they help measure, control and operate various physical experiments, provide radiation control, detect explosive and other dangerous elements. The complexes are widely used in geophysics, nuclear medicine, automatic process control and operation systems of atomic stations as well. 

Research infrastructure:

The Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems (ICYPHYS) was established in July 2018 at the initiative Moscow-based State Corporation ROSATOM companies.

It comprises:

  • Department # 2 “Automatics”
  • Department # 18 “Devices and Complexes Design and Development”
  • Department #24 “Applied Nuclear Physics”
  • Department #76 “Energy Machinery”.

Though being a relatively young Institute, ICYPHYS has a wide range of educational programs and it constantly strengthens its educational and research potentials.

Faculty: 50
Students: over 400


ICYPHYS academic staff and students take part in the most innovative and advanced activities of Rosatom companies. ICYPHYS educational programs are regularly reviewed and modernized by the partners, so their content responds to the latest challenges of modern science and technology.

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Research capabilities:

  • Student Center for Digital Design, Modelling and Prototyping;
  • Microprocessor Development, Programming and Functional Testing Center;
  • Non-destructive Control and Material Diagnostics Center;
  • Laboratory of Neutron Measurement innovative Research;
  • Modern Spectrometric Laboratory for Radiation Analysis;
  • Student Research Bench for Oil and Diamond Field Search;
  • Unique Neutron Generator on Plasma Focus;
  • Airport Security Screening System (explosives and other dangerous elements detection).

ICYPHYS students use all the laboratories and research benches and systems for activities under course works and theses.

ICYPHYS educational benefits are:

  • Courses and modules by Rosatom leading specialists;
  • Advanced competences in engineering and digital technologies that allow our students to invent and design innovative cyber-physical products on their own;
  • modern educational and research equipment, facilities and laboratories;
  • Trainings and long-term paid internships at the lead Rosatom enterprises are held for students starting from their 3rd year of study.

Thus, ICYPHYS graduates are welcome to start their career paths in cyber developing, engineering and designing at high-tech companies that will be in high demand during the following decades.

Training Areas

Direction of training/level

Name of program

Bachelor's degree program

12.03.01 Instrumentation

Cyber-physical Instrumentation

Bachelor's degree program

14.03.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies

Development of Cyber-physical Devices and Systems

Electronics and Automatics of Cyber-physical Systems and Facilities

Cyber-physical, Nuclear and Electrophysical Instrumentation

Bachelor's degree program

15.03.04 Automatics of Technological Processes and Production

Cyber-physical Systems for Technological Processes Automation

Bachelor's degree program

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics

Mechatronics of Cyber-physical and Robotic Systems


Specialist's degree program

14.05.04 Electronics and Automatics of Physical Facilities

Automated, Information and Measurement Systems of Physical Facilities


Master's degree program

14.04.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies

Cyber-physical, Nuclear and Electrophysical Instrumentation

Development of Electromechanical and Electrophysical Facilities

Master's degree program

15.04.05 Design and Technology for Machine-Building Industries

Nuclear Engineering Technology

Yuriy Barmakov – ICYPHYS Director, First Deputy Research Leader of FSUE “VNIIA”,Dr.Sci. (Tech.), Professor, Winner of Lenin, USSR and other state awards.

Ekaterina Blinkova – ICYPHYS Deputy Director, Ph.D. (Economics), associate professor

Vladimir Kishkin – Head of Department #2, First Deputy of Chief Designer of FSUE “VNIIA”, Dr. Tech. Sc.

Sergey Korolev – Deputy Head of Department #2, Ph.D. (Tech.), associate professor.

Gennadiy Sarychev – Head of Department #18, Director for Scientific Advancement – Research leader for chemical technological branch of Rosatom JSC “Science and Innovations”, Dr. Sc. (Phys – Math.), Winner of RSFSR State Award.

Alexander Berestov – ICYPHYS Deputy Director, Deputy Head of Department #18, Ph.D. (Soc.), associate professor

Alexander Sidorov – Deputy Head of Department #18, Chief Designer of Dukhov Automatics Research Institute, Ph.D. (Tech).

Dmitriy Yurkov – Head of Department #24, Deputy Director of Dukhov Automatics Research Institute, Ph.D. (Tech.)

Elena Ryabeva – ICYPHYS Deputy Director, Deputy Head of Department #24, Ph.D. (Phys-Math.), associate professor

Industrial partners – Rosatom Moscow-based companies:

Dukhov Automatics Research Institute, Specialized Research Institute of Instrumentation, Specialized Research and Production Enterprise “Eleron”, Rusatom Automated Control Systems, Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering (Recipient of an Order of Lenin), Research Institute for Technical Physics and Automation, Research Institute “Research Industrial Association "LUCH", Russian Centre – Troitsk Institute for Innovative and Fusion Research “Triniti”, JSC “Red Star”
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