Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI Endowment) – a specialized fund that was founded on 28 November 2014 for non-commercial purposes by the decision of the General Meeting of Founders and registered as a legal entity on 29 December 2014 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

MEPhI Endowment mission is to form stable extra-budgetary funding for MEPhI, which contributes to training of highly qualified specialists who can work in the Russian nuclear industry and increase its competitiveness in the international market through the adoption of innovative technologies.

MEPhI Endowment objectives are:

  • establishment and development of international relations of the University;
  • supporting and financing activities of young scientists, teachers and students;
  • support for the activities of the University alumni community;
  • scholarship and grant support for students and graduate students of the University;
  • assistance in developing and implementing non-commercial projects and programs in education;
  • organizing and holding exhibitions, meetings, conferences, presentations, symposia and seminars on various challenges in modern education;
  • assistance in research activities of MEPhI graduate and PhD students and professors.

MEPhI Endowment is formed and replenished at the expense of funds in the currency of the Russian Federation or foreign currency, securities or real estate on the basis of donation agreements.

Fund programs:

1) Unlocking talents

Program objectives:

  • support for the activities and development of MEPhI student media center;
  • support of interaction of the University with alumni;
  • development of various cultural studios, clubs and workshops (academic choir, dance studios, poets' club, etc);
  • development of science journalism;
  • support for cultural development initiatives.

2) Young science

Program objectives:

  • grant research, academic mobility and training programs for young scientists;
  • nurturing a new generation of PI (Principal Investigator) researchers;
  • co-financing international grants, internships, conferences.

For all questions related to MEPhI Endowment activities, you can contact the executive director Maxim Karpychev (makarpychev@mephi.ru; +7 (915) 371-64-87).