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MEPhI’s scientists create systems to control materials of fast neutron reactors


The current level of nuclear power development requires 100% of tightness of fuel rod claddings during their lifetime. The achievement of this indicator is impossible without a thorough post-irradiation examination of spent fuel rods, which are held at present in the large scientific centers of Russia: JSC "SSC RIAR" and JSC "IRM".

Personnel of the MEPhI Department of instrument and installation design is creating a complex of original methods and facilities for nondestructive controlling of irradiated fuel rod claddings of prospective fast reactors (BN and BREST) in “hot" cells of JSC "IRM", which will reduce expensive destructive testings. In particular, there is a method for studying degradation of physical and mechanical properties of fuel claddings, corrosion damages and cracks – the method of ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy, characterized by high sensitivity to the measured parameters, reliability and easy maintenance with the use of standard manipulators in terms of high radiation background in the hot cells.

One of the hot cells of JSC "IRM"

The project "Development and production of systems for material engineering testing of irradiated materials and elements of advanced nuclear reactors in the condition of hot cells" is being implemented in accordance with the Agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of the project "Modernization of existing experimental test facilities and creation of new one for justification of physical principles, drawing-and-designing decisions, analysis and justification of the implementation of the major scientific and technological solutions for innovative nuclear power" in a strategic research programme undertaken by the Technology platform "Closed nuclear fuel cycle with reactors on fast neutrons".

The project leader is Professor of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI E.M. Kudryavtsev.

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