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MEPhI students meet legendary screenwriter and director Mr. Oliver Stone


On 30th of November a legendary film director, screenwriter, and Academy award winning producer Mr. Oliver Stone, known for his influential works such as “Midnight express”, “Wall street” and “JFK” meets with MEPhI’s students in Moscow. Throughout his carrier Mr. Stone has interviewed controversial figures like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and recently Vladimir Putin.

With more than 80 students from MEPhI’s (StrAUs and Institute for International relations), Mr. Oliver Stone talked about his two recent books issued in Russian language, namely the “Untold History of the United States” and “The Putin interviews”. Mr. Stone presented his attempt to reexamine key points in American history, including WWII period, in particular the deployment of atomic bomb on Japan. In the discussion with MEPhI students, the effects of nuclear power have been discussed in terms of reshaping the political conversation and dialog between the states with nuclear weapons. With a hope for a possibility of a better future for humanity, Mr. Stone agrees that science can be seen as a transcendent ground for peaceful communication between countries. He strongly encourages students not to give up in theirs pursue for knowledge and facts, even if those not the ones circulating in the corporate media.

Oliver Stone also shared his experience interviewing President Vladimir Putin during more than 20 hours of interviews over two years and presented his view on U.S. –  Russian relations today. He addressed all questions from the student audience and took his time to be photographed with the participants of this event.

The meeting was initiated by Prof. Edward Lozansky, the graduate of MEPhI and honored Professor of the National Research Nuclear and Moscow State Universities as well as a president and founder of the American University in Moscow and the World Russia Forum. The event was moderated by the vice rector of MEPhI – Prof. Oleg Nagornov. The dean of the MEPhI’s Institute of the International Relations – Boris Tulinov and colleagues from the Moscow State University, dean of the Faculty of Global Studies – Ilia Ilyin have also attended this event.

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