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ATOMEXPO-2017 / Youth Day


On June, 21 the IX International Forum ATOMEXPO-2017, the largest exhibition event in the field of nuclear energy, organized by the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, was completed in Moscow. The last day of the Forum was announced as a Youth Day, when the main characters were students and schoolchildren not only from Russia, but also from other countries.In his welcoming speech, the Director General of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation A.E. Likhachev noted the objectives and goals of the last day of ATOMEXPO: «For the third consecutive day, the world's advanced nuclear thought has been working here to discuss the current situation in the world and proposals for conscientious solutions to existing problems. Today is a good opportunity to talk with specialists - really the best at their enterprises, in their divisions, with specialties in the world according to our competencies, technologies and products».

According to Alexei Evgenievich, Rosatom is working to ensure that the corporation is ready for the challenges not only of the present, but also of the future, seriously considering the analysis of the technological order, economic and political challenges. "This is the Forsight project, over which we work together with scientists, economists and the collective of our industry," he said. Likhachev proposed to vote for the scenario of development of Rosatom, which is the most likely from the point of view of modern technologies, world industry and trends.

The participants visited the "Rosatom Profession Park", where they were able to communicate with real representatives of the "nuclear" professions, as well as to ask questions from the representatives of the Rosatom support colleges and nuclear enterprises on employment, practical training, and targeted training. In addition, there were mini-trainings and master classes to develop skills and abilities in various professions.

One of the main events of the Youth Day was the Super Final of the Young Professionals Tournament "TeMP". It was represented by 10 projects that were previously selected by such criteria as the team's completeness, the potential market share, the promise of the proposed technology, the realism of the business model, the competitive environment in the Russian Federation, the level of risks, the level of product availability.

Among the presented works, the jury singled out four winning projects: "Automatic system for determining effective modes of turning" (authors: NTI team of MEPhI: A. Gusev, P. Stepanov (graduates), B. Gupalov (young specialist), V. Osintsev ( Student), and S. Kurakin - a graduate of the LNNU after Lobachevsky); "HTSC electric machine with high specific power" (authors: K. Nikitin - MAI graduate, S. Zhurilov - student of VSTU, A. Sviridov - student of NIU MPEI in Volzhsky, E. Anufrienko - student of VITI MEPhI); "The use of solar cells based on the photoelectronic material" perovskit"(authors: I. Alexandrin - student of the PVA of the Strategic Missile Force, V. Egorova - student of St. Petersburg State University, A. Kozhevina - student of UrFU, A. Sveshnikova - post-graduate of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); "Reducing the time and cost of constructing temporary roads on nuclear power plant construction sites" (authors: young specialists of JSC AS IK Ye. A. Shunakov, A. Smirnov, I. Kuzharin, R. Martynov, A. Paramonov, graduate of NNGASU).

Two projects were transferred under personal supervision to top managers of Rosatom. Additional prizes were the opportunity to undergo training on any chosen program at the Rosatom Academy and an excursion trip to FSUE Atomflot for the members of the winning teams. Also, team members will be credited to the Human Resources Reserve for employment in industry enterprises.

As Alexey Likhachev noted, the main theme of the Tournament is the search for ideas for business projects in accordance with the strategic priorities of Rosatom: the launch of new products, the increase in the share in the international market and the reduction in the cost and timing of processes. «All without exception, the projects that were presented today have a real chance of being implemented in the industry, that is, they are worthy of financial support from start-ups. The participants felt the main technological trends and reflected them in their projects,» the head of Rosatom noted.

Within the framework of the Youth Day, a video contest of foreign students was held. The participants were invited to tell the youth of their countries about the prospects for the development of nuclear energy in countries, about the advantages and opportunities.


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