MEPhI on Olympus!

MEPhI team has become the triumphant of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in the areas of "Nuclear Physics and Technology" and "Physics of Laser and Plasma Technologies".

On May 21, MEPhI has once again welcomed the finalists of one of the largest educational competitions between the students, the All-Russian Student Olympiad, conducted in accordance with the competitive allocation by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the sites of the leading universities of the country. On this day, MEPhI hosted an Olympiad in two of the six approved areas: "Nuclear Physics and Technology" and "Physics of Laser and Plasma Technologies".

To compete for the victory, having passed a difficult path to the final stage, 159 students came from 22 of the strongest technical universities of Russia, among which there were Lomonosov Moscow State University , Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, National Research N.I. Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University, MEPhI and its branches, and other universities.

Welcoming words to the participants of the All-Russian Student Olympiad and congratulations to the winners were made by: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.P. Smirnov, Executive Director of the Nuclear Society of Russia, S.V. Kushnarev, heads of institutes of INPhE and LaPlas, representatives of companies-employers and sponsors.

In their speeches, they stressed the important role of the olympiad in the training of competent specialists and researchers, noted the high level of knowledge of Russian students, their interest in obtaining additional knowledge, and the desire for further development.

"Our Russian science on plasma and lasers had, and I am sure, will have a high rating in the world," said Academician V.P. Smirnov and wished the students-future scientists to multiply the achievements with which our country is glorious.

Congratulating on the 75th anniversary of the legendary high school, the executive director of the Nuclear Society of Russia, S.V. Kushnarev expressed the hope that many students who are studying here today will connect their lives with the nuclear industry.

Manager of the Student Program of the Representative Office of JSC Akkuyu Nükleer A.P. Cherekes emphasized the need for student olympiads: "Such Olympiads allow the development of domestic science, and talented students are given a start in life."

  Summing up the results of the past competitions, the experts noted the strong preparation of Russian students in the proposed fields of science. According to the staff of MEPhI, who have been members of the jury of the All-Russian Student Olympiad for several years already, an important factor in winning is the constant participation in various educational competitions and competitions, which gives the necessary experience. Leaders of the Olympiad, having demonstrated an unconventional approach to solving problems, won a deserved award.

Winners of the All-Russian stage of the Olympiad were determined according to the best performance indicators for the competitive tasks in the individual and team competitions. In accordance with the decision of the jury, the prize places were distributed as follows.

All-Russian Student Olympiad in Nuclear Physics and Technology:

The winner of the Olympiad - Yuri Nikolaev, MEPhI;

Winner of the 2nd degree - Anton Terekhin, Bauman MSTU;

3rd place winner - Kirill Gubarev, MIPT.

All-Russian student's Olympiad in physics of laser and plasma technologies:

The winner of the Olympiad - Nikolai Petrov, Lomonosov Moscow State University;

Winner of the 2nd degree - Anton Kutlin, Lobachevsky National Research State Nizhny Novgorod University;

3rd place winner - Vyacheslav Savin, MEPhI.

In the team classification the places were distributed as follows:

In the direction of "nuclear physics and technology":

1 place - team of MEPhI;

2 nd place - the team of Bauman Moscow State Technical University;

3rd place - MIPT team;

In the direction of "physics of laser and plasma technologies":

1 place - team of MEPhI;

2nd place - MIPT team;

3 place - the SarPhTI team of MEPhI.

Foreign students also took part in the Olympiads. MEPhI students from Turkey Gyonulol Sinem, Aktash Serzhan, Alzubi Mohammad Farhan Ahmad received incentive prizes.

In conclusion, we note that MEPhI gives an opportunity to the winners of the All-Russian Student Olympiad to enter the master's program without examinations.