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LaPlas Institute of MEPhI - competence center of Consortium of Laser Systems and laser technologies in industry and medicine


On May 15, 2017 an agreement on the creation of a scientific and production consortium of laser systems and laser technologies in industry and medicine has been signed in MEPhI.

The Scientific and Production Consortium was created to consolidate the activities of higher education institutions, research institutes and manufacturers of high-tech laser equipment on the creation of a new generation of laser devices and technologies based on them for industrial and medical applications, including the implementation of the HealthNet and TechNet road maps of the National technological initiative.

The consortium has united leading organizations in the field of development and application of laser technologies:

- MEPhI - Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies;

- Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University;

- Vladimir State University;

- Prokhorov General Physics Institute (RAS);

- IRE-Polyus, Russian company, one of the three main production sites of the international IPG-Photonics corporations, which controls about 80% of the world market of high-power fiber lasers;

- Lassard, Russian company, with a unique infrastructure for the production of full-cycle diode laser systems;

- TM lasers and equipment, Russian company, developing and manufacturing industrial laser equipment for all the basic technologies of laser processing of materials: microprocessing, marking, cutting, welding, layer-by-layer fusion and direct growing.

- Vladimir Engineering Center for the Use of Laser Technologies in Mechanical Engineering under the VlSU;

The Coordinator of the Consortium is the Center for Strategic Research "North-West" Foundation.

Among the tasks, the Consortium faces, there are: the formation of a competence center for laser technologies, including the design of model production and medical complexes of the future; creation of conditions and polygons for development of promising industrial and medical laser technologies; introduction of advanced research and teaching methods, including direct study of technological processes and real productions by students.

The Consortium plans to organize a unified educational and research program for these directions of work.

Thus, the pilot project of the Consortium is a distributed training factory on the basis of MEPhI and partner scientific and educational organizations, on which a network master program is being created. The aim of the network master program is to train staff and research focused on current and future requests from the target sectors.

The Deputy Director of the IOP RAS for scientific work, corresponding member Sergei Garnov noted that the implementation of the tasks set by the Consortium will allow to reduce the path from fundamental research to the end user of scientific and technical developments, while making it more capacious and qualitative.

Leonid Saprykin, the General Director of the SPC “Lasers and Instrumentation of TM”, defined his practical interest in participation in the Consortium: “Industrial laser technologies are in great need now both in new developments and in the influx of young qualified personnel. We, being a company that brought more than 600 models of laser technological complexes to the market, are sure that the partnership interaction of all participants of the Consortium will allow increase the share of Russian laser technologies at the world market.”

In conclusion, the director of the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation Vladimir Knyaginin said:

- What is happening at MEPhI is a consistent progress in the formation of new topics, new types of activities and various kinds of associations. There are a huge number of tasks - both engineering and research - on the breakthrough themes of the institutes established in MEPhI. The University is entering a new scope of activity initiating the creation of consortia, also with leaders of individual sectors of industry, and entering into long-term cooperation with other universities-leaders of their fields of knowledge. And its partners get new opportunities for obtaining previously inaccessible knowledge. I am sure that joining the Consortium will not be the last change in the life of LaPlas Institute, which leads to its development in particular and development of the university as a whole, and it will be fruitful.

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