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Quadrification of cube "skin" – MEPhI hosts student scientific conference


A unique and interesting event has been held at MEPhI for the first time - the Scientific and Practical Conference of the Students' Scientific Society "Step into Science" for students of the first and second year of the university and its branches. This has become an excellent opportunity to present their promising ideas and ways to implement them.

"Step into science" is literally the first step on the way to creating a friendly young generation of children sincerely interested in scientific activity.

13 papers were announced to participate in the conference in the following sections: physics, biology-medicine, information technology, mathematics, humanities, management, and economics. The students demonstrated the results of their research, various developments on such topics as "Computer program of technological calculation of the cooling tower", "Quadrification of the "skin" of the cube and hypercube", "Patriotic activity of the Russian Orthodox Church during the war years", "The influence of the shadow business on the national economy", and others.

The jury evaluated the participants on the following criteria: the relevance and novelty of the problem being solved; originality and validity of the methods used to solve the problem; the level of elaboration of the solution of the problem; the degree of novelty of the results; the quality of the presentation of the work.

As a result of the event, Andrei Sivakov, Evgenia Evstifeeva and Lada Azanova became laureates in the humanitarian sphere, and Dmitry Ivanov, Anna Shishkina, Igor Berdnikov, and Gleb Tikhonovsky – in technical one.

Anna Shishkina, INTEL: "I made a report on “Solar battery on transistors”. We studied the basic directions of conversion and use of solar energy, manufactured two types of solar cells on transistors, examined them and compared the readings with the indications of a school demonstration solar battery.

Such a conference is a great way to involve students in research activities. This experience made me understand that I want to continue to do research. It would be interesting for me to practice writing such works."

 Igor Berdnikov, LaPlas: "Although I participated in conferences of this kind many times, it was interesting how exactly MEPhI refers to this: what draws the attention of the jury, which topics are taken by other participants. Honestly, it was scary. I thought they would ask lots of academic questions, and I would be ashamed for some gaps in knowledge."

 Gleb Tikhonovsky, PhysBio: "The conference was great. It was very interesting to listen to the reports of other guys, I would take part in such a conference again with great pleasure! I got new experience during the research, during communication and discussion of the task with the supervisor of studies, and also, undoubtedly, experience in presenting the results to the audience and, of course, to the jury. Such conferences help to overcome the fear of speaking before the public, generate hope, self-confidence and sincere interest in general to research in the scientific field – it's so cool to go to the disclosure of the topic and entertaining personally for yourself. I want to express my gratitude to my scientific supervisor Yu.V. Shtotsky and E.V. Gromushkina for her help in doing the work."

Student scientific society of MEPhI is a team of young and ambitious students actively involved in the scientific life of the university. They find time not only to study, but also to participate in numerous scientific events.

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