Blockchain in healthcare: new educational trends

In the beginning of May, MEPhI International science-methodical Centre held open online – lecture on the topic of using blockchain technology in the field of healthcare.  More than 200 listeners from different regions of Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan took part at webinar .

The lack of access to the require data from patient case report can lead to significant and perhaps critical delays in process of diagnosis and treatment.  Patient-oriented medical information system will guarantee control and safe and reliable management of data obtained from several hospitals, which is important for patients with actively progressing and chronic diseases.

Graduate MEPhI Alevtina Dubovitskaya shared her experience in the development and implementation of blockchain-based system in the healthcare institutions. Alevtina has Ph.D. in Computer and Communication Science (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). She is professor of blockchain technology at Lucerne University of Applied Science, consultant at the field of blockchain projects at Swisscom.

The lecture addressed issues of using blockchain technologies in the field of healthcare: applications, risks and obstacles for implementation, the specifics of medical information systems in the term of  interoperability and ensuring the security of personal data. The speaker also payed attention to the technical, legal and social aspects of current development and implementation blockchain-based system in the hospitals.

At the end of webinar, Alevtina Dubovitskaya announced new online-course “Practice of implementation blockchain technologies in medical industry». It was prepared together with professor of MEPhI Sergey Zapechnikov. The course is free for Russian teachers. All participations will get a certificate of professional development.