MEPhI celebrates 75th anniversary of Great Victory

The staff and students of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI held a series of events dedicated to the memorable date — the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War.

For the first time, MEPhI organized an online concert that in 2 hours of broadcasting collected more than 2000 views. The event was opened by the Rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov: I want to thank the veterans, who, unfortunately, are less and less alive every year. The human memory will keep the names of those who died and those who lived a long life after the war. " The rector emphasized the importance of preserving the memory of the war. “We see that at any moment we may need to mobilize all our forces to fight the trials - coronavirus or someone’s aggressive plans. I congratulate everyone on this bright holiday and I hope that we will celebrate it with our success, ” said the rector.

Volunteers congratulated MEPhI veteran Mikhail Ivanovich Faykov: they expressed gratitude to him on behalf of the entire university, performed songs of the war years and presented a bouquet of flowers and gifts. Mikhail Ivanovich took part in Operation Bagration, in a breakthrough at the Zeelovsky Heights, and the storming of Berlin. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Order of Glory of the III degree, medals "For Courage", "For the Capture of Berlin", "For the Victory over Germany". Since 1953, Mikhail Ivanovich’s life has been linked with MEPhI: he studied here, and then worked at the Department of Electrophysical Installations, in the department of motor vehicles, and at the metrological service of MEPhI.

Mephists have once again shown that the younger generation is proud of the heroism of their great-grandfathers, does not remain indifferent to the history of their country. On social networks, they conducted a video rubric “Poems of Victory”, within which they read famous works dedicated to the bravery of the Soviet people, overcoming the horrors and hardships of wartime. They talked about the heroes and workers, made lists of films, conducted a quiz with an increased level of difficulty. In the framework of the campaign “We Will Still Say Thanks”, they recorded short videos with words of gratitude to veterans and front workers. More than 400 national flags were placed on the balconies of the MEPhI dormitories in Moscow.

The staff and students of MEPhI also supported the all-Russian events for Victory Day, including the campaign “Immortal Regiment Online”. The broadcast of the "procession" was carried out on various online platforms and the campaign portal. A minute of silence and lights from the windows of their houses at night, people paid tribute to the heroes and expressed gratitude for the peace.

Mephists cherish the memory of the heroic deeds. MEPhI created a special section of the site dedicated to the Year of memory and glory. There you can find video greetings, articles, photos of veterans, as well as the names and surnames of mephists who fought for their homeland or were home front workers. Each of them is part of the Immortal regiment of MEPhI.

In 2020, MEPhI participated in events dedicated to the memorable date, including the Meeting on the Elbe international teleconference. An international teleconference brought together famous historians and scientists, public and political figures from Russia, the USA, France, Germany, India, China, former republics of the Soviet Union and other countries. They discussed the lessons of World War II, the meaning of “meeting on the Elbe” after 75 years, the possibility and necessity of cooperation for peace.

The Great Patriotic War became a tragic event inscribed in the history of each soviet family. At the cost of their own lives, the fighters provided a bright future for next generations. Each event is held in order to say once again: “We remember! We are proud!".