"Open Doors" International Olympiad: registration is closed

December 18, 2019 was the final day of registration for "Open Doors" Olympiad organized by the Association "Global Universities" represented by 21 members (participants of Russian Academic Exсellence Project "5top100") within the framework of the Federal project "Export of Education".

33,369 people (1.5 times more than last year) from 190 countries (27 countries more than last year) registered for 11 Olympiad subject areas and completed 45,047 portfolios (67% more than last year). 

This is the first project in Russia to attract talented international graduate students from all over the world to study at the leading Russian universities. Within the three years of the competition, the interest to the Olympiad has grown significantly and the structure of the representing countries has changed: last year 64% of the participants registered from abroad, and 94% this year. At the same time, 91% of participants of the current year have chosen English language of participation in the Olympiad (last year – 80%). 

Representatives of Asian and African countries (88%) show the greatest interest in studying at Russian universities, representatives of CIS countries made up 6% this year, America – 3%, Europe, Australia and Oceania – 1% each.

The Olympiad is held in online format: 

During the round 1 the participants have to complete their portfolios through the information platform for the Olympiad.

Within the round 2 the participants have to solve the Olympiad tasks online in accordance with the chosen subject area.

The results of the round 1 will be announced on December 30, 2019.

The best participants will be admitted to the round 2, which will be held in January 2020. 

The final results will be announced on February 20, 2020.

The winners of the Olympiad are eligible to enroll in one of the Master’s programmes covered by the Olympiad subject areas without paying a tuition fee. As well, the winners and prize-winners can receive other privileges and facilities by the decision of the universities - organizers of the Olympiad.​

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