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NAUKA 0+ science festival holds at MEPhI


MEPhI has become one of the venues of the all-Russian science festival NAUKA 0+ (Science 0+).

The festival was opened by a briefing with the leading scientists of MEPhI, where an introductory speech was given by the head of the Applied mathematics Department Nikolay Kudryashov. The floor was also given to Georgy Tikhomirov (Deputy Director of INPhE), Ivan Astapov (Deputy Director of INPhE), Andrey Kuznetsov (Director of the LAPLAS Institute), Denis Veselov (Deputy Director of NESPI), Pavel Ryabov (Сhief of Educational Department of ICIS) and Alexander Garmash (Acting Director of PhysBio). They told the guests about the achievements and prospects of modern science, as well as industrial, information and medical technologies of the future.

Is it possible to transmit electricity through the air? What inventions in the field of nuclear medicine can be used to treat cancer? How secure are modern encryption algorithms? Can a nuclear reactor fit inside a mobile phone and generate the energy to run it? These and other questions were answered at the meeting by representatives of the institutes, inviting young guests of the festival to enter MEPhI and join the research teams that work in these areas.

Then guests were invited to visit festival venues: exhibitions, shows and workshops. Students and staff of the University demonstrated their scientific achievements, conducted experiments and even fed the participants of the festival with ice cream!

In the library of the main building, guests could see the visualization of nuclear facilities in virtual reality glasses, participate in the nitrogen show and get acquainted with the process of generating digital holograms. In classrooms schoolchildren watched demonstration of experiments in physics and chemistry conducted by their peers – participants of the coterie "Chemistry around us" of the Lyceum No. 1511 of the MEPhI Pre-university.

In the auditorium everyone could listen to a lecture within the framework of the project "University Saturdays" on the topic "Search for dark matter in the Universe, or how to see the invisible?" It was given by the head of the Interdepartmental laboratory of experimental nuclear physics Alexander Bolozdynya.

The Dean of the Faculty of business informatics and integrated systems management Alexander Putilov held a digital foresight, where participants learned about the strategic horizons and prospects for the development of advanced technologies in Russia and the world to determine their place in the technological future.

Throughout the day, excursions were organized to the Laser center, Nanocenter, SEC NEVOD, Bionanophotonics laboratory, the Department of physical problems of materials science, the Department of computer medical systems and other scientific departments of MEPhI, which aroused considerable interest among future applicants.

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