MEPhI enters Top-150 best universities in Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking

On September 19, The third issue of The Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking has been released. It features a total of 1200 universities from 79 countries; 74 higher education institutions are from Russia.

Despite a significant increase in competition (the number of universities in the ranking increased from 333 in 2018 to 1200 in 2019), MEPhI has improved its position, taking 147th place in the world (in 2018 – 154th place) and fifth place among all Russian universities. In this ranking, MEPhI also has entered the Top 100 of best universities in the world for the quality of education.

Commenting the rating rector of the Lomonosov MSU Victor Sadovnichy told:

"For the first time all the strongest universities of the planet are represented in the ranking. In the process of preparation, authors of the rating collected objective information about more than 1.7 thousand universities in the world. The dramatic increase in the number of evaluated universities allows the ranking to become an effective tool for making management decisions in the scientific and educational sphere."

The Moscow International University Ranking is a fundamentally new academic research that for the first time evaluates the three key missions of the University: education, science and interaction with society.

"The idea of the Moscow International Rating is that universities should develop harmoniously, not forgetting about any of its three missions – education, science and service to society. The results show that MEPhI and a number of other Russian universities are successfully coping with this task", said the rector of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov.

The methodology of the rating was widely discussed. The rating uses a significantly larger number of information sources compared to other international rankings, including: bibliometric data of the Clarivate Analytics company (Web of Science database) and Elsevier (Scopus database), online platforms Coursera and EdX, Wikipedia, Google, Yandex and Baidu search engines, Facebook, Twitter, VK and Sina Weibo SNSs, Alexa web analytics company, etc. The international examination of the rating results was conducted with the participation of 16 authoritative foreign experts, each of whom received preliminary ranking results.