4th International summer school on engineering of computer modeling finishes

On July 12, MEPhI has held the official closing of the 4th International summer school on engineering of computer modeling in the field of nuclear technology.

For two weeks students, postgraduates and young specialists from different countries were trained in the field of mathematical modeling of physical processes with the participation of specialists from MEPhI, research center "Kurchatov Institute", Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Moscow State University, the company "TESIS" and STC APM. During that time, the school participants got acquainted with Russian and foreign codes used in the nuclear industry, such as MCU, FlowVision, StarCCM+, etc. In addition to lectures and practical classes, the participants of the school faced the task of combining neutron-physical and thermohydraulic codes, knowledge and skills which were obtained during the school. To this end, the participants were divided into four teams, each of which, in addition to the main task of linking the two codes, investigated the influence of different parameters on the convergence of the final result of multiphysical calculation. On the closing day of the school, each team presented results of their work. Work on the group project allowed the participants get acquainted with the world of modern modeling, where the calculations of individual elements are replaced by a comprehensive calculation of the entire system.

The closing of the school was attended by General Director of the company "TESIS" Sergey Kursakov, head of benchmark calculations of nuclear reactors department at SRC "Kurchatov Institute" and the developer of the MCU program Denis Shkarovsky, Professor of the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Boris Balakin and Deputy Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering at MEPhI, the organizer of the school Georgy Tikhomirov.

In addition to the official part and a rich curriculum, the participants of the school together with the organizers visited the main laboratories of MEPhI and important cultural attractions of Moscow during the sightseeing tour.


During the school participants shared their impressions about the event.


"I participate in the school in order to learn more about numerical modeling, to work with MCU code and various programs for simulation of hydrodynamic processes. At this point, I started working at STAR-CCM+ to simulate the cooling process of a nuclear reactor. I liked experiments in numerical modeling the most of all, as well as the opportunity to communicate with wonderful people who have the same strong interest in the nuclear field."

Otto Andreas Moe, University of Bergen, Norway


"I am from Egypt, studying at the University of Alexandria at the Department of nuclear and radiation engineering. Here I met a lot of great guys from different countries, not only from Russia. In a short time I got a huge amount of information, which was competently combined, so that I was able to work with different codes. But I still need a little time to learn the course. I plan to take a master's degree, most likely the next year, so I gradually prepare myself for this step, and the school helps me in this."

Ahmed Said Parsi, Alexandria University, Egypt


"I am from Uzbekistan, now I have passed to the 2nd year of master's degree at the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering at MEPhI. Participation in this school is a significant event for me, everything is organized cool — not only scientific activities, but also extracurricular. Everything is at the highest level. In my thesis I had to use the MCU code, the school contributed to a more detailed study of it. That helped me a lot. In addition, I got an idea about other programs."

Shohmirzo Umarov, MEPhI, Uzbekistan


"I'm a mechanical engineer, so I don't know much about nuclear technology. The school gives not only an idea about it, but also introduces methods that can be used in other areas, such as simulation in the field of hydrodynamics."

Sindre Korten, Western Norway University of Applied Science, Norway