NRNU MEPHI in the top 5 best universities in Russia in the RAEX-100 rating

On June 19, 2024, the RAEX agency published the thirteenth annual ranking of the best universities in Russia, RAEX-100, which is part of the "Three Missions of the University" family. 

NRNU MEPhI took 5th place among the best Russian universities. Universities were evaluated in 3 areas: conditions for obtaining high-quality education; the level of demand for graduates by employers; the level of research activity (a total of 43 indicators). Statistical indicators were used, as well as the results of surveys of over 130 thousand respondents: representatives of academic and scientific circles, students and graduates, employers. The ranking includes 100 universities from 29 regions of Russia. It should be noted that there have been noticeable changes in the top of the rating - so, in the top twenty, only eight participants retained their positions. The table below shows the results of the leading universities The RAEX-100 rating of the best universities in Russia has been published annually since 2012. When assessing the quality of education in universities (weight 50%), groups of indicators "teaching level", "international integration", "resource availability" and "demand among applicants" were considered. To assess the demand for university graduates by employers (weight 30%), groups of indicators "cooperation with employers" and "quality of graduates' careers" were analyzed. The level of research activity of the university (weight 20%) was determined based on the groups of indicators "research potential", "scientific achievements" and "research infrastructure".