MEPhI will start training specialists in the mathematics of data analysis

Since the new academic year, a new educational program "Mathematics  of Data Science" has been launched at MEPhI, aimed at training professionals in the field of data analysis with enhanced mathematical training.

Students who have enrolled in the bachelor's degree of MEPhI Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies (01.03.02) "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" program will be able to choose a new one. This program has been developed and will be implemented by teachers of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the MEPhI National Research University (No. 31).

The program is aimed at those students who are interested in solving industrial and business problems using mathematics, as well as to those who are interested to participate in research activities at the intersection of two sciences. Those enrolled in this program will study the full range of mathematical and IT disciplines necessary for a successful implementation of  "Researcher in the field of artificial intelligence" career path.

The main aim of the program is an in-depth study of mathematics of various algorithms, data working methods, the study of methods for constructing mathematical models, and ways to interpret the results obtained. Mathematical training includes disciplines such as mathematics of data analysis, mathematical statistics, probability theory, graph theory, computational linear algebra, optimization methods, analysis on manifolds, modern geometry, game theory, numerical methods, tensor algebra, nonlinear mathematical models and much more.

One of the authors of the program is Pavel Ryabov, PhD, Deputy Director of the Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies at MEPhIemphasizes, "We will analyze the mathematics inherent in artificial intelligence and modern computational algorithms in detail. We will teach you to create mathematical models of any process, apply modern mathematical apparatus in practice, as well as implement your solutions in the form of an application software product. The algorithms underlying artificial intelligence will no longer be a black box for you."

It should also be noted that the most important element of the program is IT disciplines. The IT stack of the student under this program will include the programming languages Python (1.5 years of study), C/C++ (1.5 years of study), Java (1 year of study), as well as various technologies Cuda, MPI, SQL, OpenFOAM, Maple, Git, bash, etc. It should also be noted that a number of training courses within the framework of the program will be taught by representatives of partner organizations. In particular, the course on reverse engineering (in the field of information security) was created by an employee of Kaspersky Lab, the course on parallel computing will be implemented by employees of the M. V. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, and the bioinformatics course by employees of the FITZ Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.