Festival of Cultures Was Held in MEPhI

On November 3, the main building of MEPhI was filled with exotic aromas, fabulously bright outfits and amazing words that sounded like magic spells. This was the start of the “Festival of Cultures”, which turned into a real celebration of friendship and communication.

According to the laws of hospitality adopted in most countries, the festival began with refreshments. At the exhibition of national cultures one could try a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

“The community of Kyrgyzstan was organized only this year, the festival is our first large-scale event. Especially for him, we have prepared a dance number with video accompaniment, which will demonstrate the beauty of our country. And we hope that after seeing our performance, everyone will want to get to know Kyrgyzstan, its nature, culture, and hospitality. Everything that we offer festival guests to try today was prepared by the hands of our friendly students,” says MEPhI third-year student Atay Ryskulov.

By the way, more than 1,300 foreign students study at MEPhI. Among them are many residents of Africa, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, but only one representative of the Yezidis - an ancient people from Mesopotamia, scattered today throughout the world, but retaining their identity.

“At the festival, I treat everyone to a dish called kloch. My grandmother baked it. This is a traditional holiday dish of the Yazidis, something like Easter cake for the Orthodox. But kloch is a pie with a surprise. Before putting it in the oven, they put a coin in it. The one who gets it will have happiness and a successful year. Be sure to try it!” - suggests Timur Baravi, a student of the MEPhI.

After a rich gastronomic journey, the students were treated to a concert: musicians from Zambia and Rwanda, dancers from India and Kyrgyzstan, Russian folk songs and exciting stories about distant countries... The audience sang along, applauded and, it seems, dreamed of seeing Delhi, Bishkek, Tashkent, Lusaka and other beautiful cities. Welcome!