MEPhI Postgraduate Student Took Part in an Expedition to the North Pole

Diana Bachurina, a postgraduate student of the MEPhI Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology, participated in the Knowledge Icebreaker 2022 polar expedition organized by the State Corporation Rosatom. The trip was attended by 70 Russian schoolchildren - winners of prestigious competitions and olympiads.

Diana Bachurina - Expert of the Icebreaker of Knowledge 2022

The 50 Years of Victory nuclear-powered icebreaker passed along the route Murmansk - North Pole - Franz Josef Land - Murmansk, the journey ended on July 17.

The expedition members not only visited the North Pole, watched the endless snow cover, polar bears and seals, but also plunged into six problems of the Arctic: energy, ecology, climate, ecosystems, small peoples of the north and infrastructure.

Diana Bachurina acted as an expert in the field of energy, which involved the study of topical issues of providing electricity and heat to the Arctic. The participants learned about the current state and prospects for the use of nuclear, solar, wind energy in this difficult region.