MEPhI Students Win the NSUcrypto International Cryptography Olympiad

MEPhI master's students Kirill Antonov, Dmitry Zakharov and Alexander Eremin took first place among students, and Irina Slonkina, a postgraduate student of MEPhI, became the best among professionals at the NSUcrypto 2021 International Cryptography Olympiad.

Kirill, Dmitry and Alexander, who won the team gold at the Olympiad, study at the "Information Security" department under the program "Theoretical and Practical Cryptography".

“The guys went to victory for several years. They finished third last year. And the postgraduate student Irina Slonkina takes the first place for MEPhI for the second time! " - said the deputy head of the "Information Security" department, head of the "Theoretical and Practical Cryptography" Master's program? Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Marina Pudovkina.

The NSUcrypto International Olympiad in Cryptography has been held since 2014. At present, participants from almost all countries of Europe and Asia are represented there. Every year the number of participants increases, as well as the level of their training and the complexity of the tasks. The results of the Olympiad are presented on the website