Experts of HES MEPhI Will Teach School and University Teachers to Create VR Projects

In November-December 2021, employees of educational institutions will be able to learn how to create VR projects under the guidance of experts from the Higher Engineering School (HES) of the MEPhI on the free accelerator "Digitalization of Education", organized by the "VR Concept" company.

A virtual reality class has existed at the HES of the MEPhI for several years. During his work, HES employees have gained significant experience in developing methods of using virtual reality for training specialists in the field of engineering (construction of nuclear and power plants, energy facilities and infrastructure in the Far North, etc.).

As part of educational programs, HES students study disciplines aimed at interacting with virtual industrial facilities and creating VR applications for the industry.

The virtual reality class works using the VR Concept software, which helps one to transfer the BIM model of an object into a virtual environment within a few minutes, and after revising the scenarios, create a simulator for any production process. The software developer – the VR Concept company – actively participates in meetings with HES students, helps to implement the projects.

In November-December 2021, VR Concept company is holding a free accelerator "Digitalization of education" for employees of educational institutions, in which HES professors act as experts and speakers.

The goal of the accelerator is to acquaint teachers with VR technologies and teach how to create VR projects without programming skills and VR equipment, to help introduce innovative digital virtual reality (VR) technologies into pedagogical practice for the implementation of the national programs "Education", "Digital Economy", and also programs "Digital School", "Modern digital educational environment".