MEPhI Develops New STEM Education Programs

MEPhI is one of the leaders in STEM education in Russia. The abbreviation STEM (from STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) means the training of schoolchildren and students in specialties closely related to the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In recent years, STEM education has been gaining popularity all over the world, and the demand for specialists in this field is growing.

To ensure the training of engineers of the future in the interests of Industry 5.0 and to promptly update the content of educational programs following the development of science, a new model of STEM education is being developed at MEPhI.

For this, the university creates pilot projects of the so-called "educational greenfields". These are fundamentally new educational programs in the areas of "Cybersecurity / CTF", "Sports programming" and "Design of cyber-physical systems", implemented using new approaches and educational technologies.

Greenfields are based on key principles: learning embedded in project activities, intensive modular learning technologies, interdisciplinary training practices and courses. An important part of the educational process is local contests, championships and hackathons. They will allow students to unleash their potential while creating prototypes of new engineering products demanded by high-tech companies.

The new educational programs of MEPhI will train not just high-class individual specialists, but full-fledged teams that can contribute to the development of the professional market.

The authors of educational programs will pay special attention to the formation of self-organization skills, self-study, the development of creative thinking, the competence of bringing engineering solutions and innovative projects to market.