Mockerov readings: MEPhI held an international scientific and practical conference

On May 19-20, the 12th International Scientific and Practical Conference on the physics and technology of nanoheterostructural microwave electronics “Mockerov readings”. The conference is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding physicist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, founder of the Soviet and Russian scientific schools in the field of heterostructure microwave electronics, Professor of MEPhI Vladimir Grigorievich Mokerov.

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the conference was held in a mixed format. However, in 2021, two conference days were held with two plenary sessions containing overview reports on the most important areas.

Representatives of leading Russian universities and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research and production institutions, as well as foreign organizations, took part in the "Moker Readings" in person and remotely. In total, 78 reports were presented at the conference in 2021.

A welcoming speech was made by the Vice-Rector of MEPhI, Director of the Institute of Nanotechnology in Electronics, Spintronics, and Photonics Nikolai Kargin. He noted that over the years, the Foundation for the Support of Education and Science named after Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. G. Mokerov awarded 52 scholarships to young researchers in the field of heterostructure microwave electronics

Traditionally at the plenary session, scholarship holders of the Foundation named after Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences VG Mokerov got the commemorative diplomas and books. This was awarded to a researcher at the Institute of Microwave Semiconductor Electronics. V.G. Mokerov of the RAS Nikolay Zenchenko and engineer of the Center for Radiophotonics and Microwave Technologies of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Alexander Salkazanov.

“Mockerov readings” united reports on some scientific, technical and technological problems in the field of heterostructure microwave (microwave) electronics.  The conference was held in several sections: "Fundamental aspects of nanoheterostructure microwave electronics", "Structural properties and nanometrology of nanosystems and heterostructures", "Heterostructures and superlattices, two-dimensional, one-dimensional and zero-dimensional structures", "Semiconductor devices and devices: production, technologies and properties "," Functional Electronics and Advanced Materials "," Terahertz Electronics and Photonics "and" Optoelectronics and Radiophotonics ". It is planned to publish a collection indexed in the RSCI.