MEPHI scientists became winners of the Research Excellence Award Russia 2021

On March 30, the prestigious Research Excellence Award Russia 2021 ceremony was held at the international press center of the MIA Russia Segodnya. The event is timed to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

The prize is awarded for contribution to science development. The winners are determined by the published articles indexed in the Scopus database, citation, and peer review. There is also a nomination for Young Scientist. 

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is actively developing fundamental and applied research areas, supporting the high publication activity of its employees. Due to this, in 2021, two MEPhI scientists were awarded the Research Excellence Award Russia. 

Vyacheslav Wolfenhagen, Professor of the Institute of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems, MEPhI, got the award for his outstanding contribution to the development of informatics. In the subject Physics, Young Scientist nomination, awarded Evgeny Soldatov, an Associate Professor, Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology, MEPhI.

Welcoming participants, Elsevier Chairman Youngsuk Chi said, "In the Year of Science and Technology, we notice the brightest scientific talents of Russia: people, who support the economic growth of their country, develop health care, international cooperation, and scientific innovation. These distinguished scientists show us how Russia's academic success can extend beyond the country and impact global society".

​The Research Excellence Award Russia 2021 is more than a ten-year tradition of honoring outstanding researchers in Russia. The award was presented in 2004 in China. The award is a part of Elsevier's global initiative to support scientists. Since then, the prizes have been awarded to the most published and cited authors and organizations in Europe and Russia, Latin America, and Asia.