“Any ideas are welcome”: interview with international student Rafael Isayev

Student from Azerbaijan Rafael Isayev told us about his studying at MEPhI, research interests, and future plans.  

I am a first-year postgraduate student at the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering MEPhI, Department of Physical Problems of Materials Science. Here I finished my master's degree.

My research interests related to nuclear industry, nuclear physics, and chemistry. I graduated from Baku State University and get a degree in Applied Chemistry. After defending my diploma, I worked at the Institute of Radiation Problems of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and the Azerbaijan Nuclear Center. One day I realized that I need to continue my studies for a successful career as a research scientist that is why I decided to get master and postgraduate degrees.

On the first day at MEPhI our teachers told us about their activities and opportunities of Department. Literally, on the same day, I chose the field of work and my scientific advisor. Now I research the fuel-element cladding corrosion of nuclear reactors.

I would say that there is no conservative approach to science at MEPhI. Any ideas are welcome here. For example, I suggested another corrosion-resistant coating for cladding. We bought the missing parts for installation and found a place for experiment.

I have been studying at MEPhI for three years already. I know Russian well. When I arrived in Moscow, I moved into a student dormitory immediately. We have a gym, ping-pong tables, and a chess club. I am happy with the living conditions.

It is very important to have a goal and to know what you are going to do next. I have come to Russia to get an education. After that, I will return to my country and use the knowledge there.