“For me, MEPhI is friendship, love, openness”: interview with international student Natalia Camacho

The student from Bolivia Natalia Camacho told us why she choose MEPhI and what it is like student life in a foreign country.

I am a second-year student at the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering MEPhI. I decided to go to Russia because I want to get a good education, and I am interested in the culture and life of people, and of course, the language.

When I arrived, I understand nothing in Russian. First, I had learned language, physics, and math at the preparatory faculty of MEPhI. After a year, all classes have been doing only in Russian.  The teachers spoke fluently - faster than they did it in the preparatory faculty. Now I feel comfortable talking in Russian and learning by using this language. I also fell in love with Moscow.

There is a stereotype that physics is difficult to learn and understand, but I like it. I am interested to know more about nuclear installations. I am going to continue my education and get a Master's degree in medical physics. After that, I am going to return to Bolivia. Nuclear specialists are in demand there.

I have classes from morning until evening. After that, I come home, cook dinner, and do homework.  It is a great advantage that our dormitory is near the university, about 10 minutes on foot.

I have a lot of funny stories, a large amount of which is about learning Russian. Well, one of the teachers asked my name. I answered: 'Natalia'. She said that I have Russian roots. At this moment, I understand nothing, nodded my head and said only 'yes-yes'. Now we remember this story together with a smile.

For me, MEPhI associates with friendship, love, openness. There, in MEPhI, is many opportunities for self-development and achieving your goals”.