MEPhI develops technology for decommissioning of NPP

Scientists of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI", together with their Japanese colleagues, will develop technologies for the safe decommissioning of nuclear power plants. 

The research will be based on data from the Japanese NPP "Fukushima 1", where experts continue to work to deal with the 2011 accident.

In collaboration with specialists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo City University, MEPhI researchers will develop technologies and methods for determining the radiation and nuclear properties of corium, said Georgy Tikhomirov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering (INPhE), MEPhI. 

“Corium is fuel containing material formed by severe accidents at nuclear power plants. In the framework joint grant, we will be work until December 2020, but MEPhI and Japanese universities expect to continue cooperation in joint research".

The project participants have already completed an analytical review of scientific, technical, and regulatory literature, conducted patent research. They collected data on the composition and structure of the corium and fuel fragments of the Fukushima-1 NPP, provided geometric models of melt particles, and carried out detailed modeling of the corium.

According to the researchers, obtained data will help improve the method for determining the radiation characteristics of corium fragments and the radiation safety of their placement in special containers for transportation and storage.

MEPhI has been cooperating with the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) since 1993. Universities conduct joint research and arrange international internships for their students and graduate students.

The studies are conducted within the framework of a grant from Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The studies focused on the implementation of projects “Improving technologies for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety during decommissioning of nuclear facilities based on data from the Fukushima 1 NPP”.  


Source: RIA Novosti