Russia and Japan join their efforts in training professionals

At the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), 14 students from the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI” completed their internship in the framework of the Russian-Japanese program for the training of scientists and engineers.

According to the curator of the program, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology of MEPhI, Georgiy Tikhomirov, graduates of the exchange program will work in the healthcare sector, as well as in the medical, nuclear and energy industries around the world.

“During the internship, students join a research group, where they conduct research work under the professor guidance. At the end of the program, they present the results of their work to the host institution. In addition to internships, we organize joint student forums where students show their current research work”, commented Georgy Tikhomirov.

He also noted that interaction between universities carried out in the Nuclear Engineering.

“I studied one of the concepts of traveling wave nuclear reactors. It is one of the most promising concepts, and its implementation will significantly reduce uranium consumption. At the end of internship, I presented the results of my work on the annual meeting of Atomic Energy Society of Japan”, said program participant, postgraduate student of MEPhI Anton Smirnov.

He also noted that the research and educational processes at TIT are well organized.

The week in the lab started with general meeting on Monday morning. Each student briefly presented his or her plan for the week, and professor coordinated the schedule.  On Wednesdays we got together to discuss the progress of each student's research. The format made it possible to use the collective intelligence in the solutions search”, explained Anton Smirnov.

According to him, the internship has a common research and family atmosphere.

During the period of the program (2018-2022), 24 MEPhI students selected on a competitive basis will go to Tokyo. In turn, 24 Japanese students will come to the Russian university for internships.