MEPhI congratulates its students on the Knowledge Day

On September 1, MEPhI held a festive online concert for freshmen.

Rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov addressed the students “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on the National Day of Knowledge. You are students of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI now. Our university has a glorious history. It was founded in 1942, on the eve of the decisive battle - the Battle of Stalingrad. it is initially filled with patriotism, lofty goals and a high mission. Now MEPhI occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation. We are consistently among the top five. MEPhI is a global university, we train personnel for a large number of countries. In addition, our university has 16 branches in the most important points of presents of the State Corporation Rosatom. We are initially a high-level technical university".

The rector also noted “You have every opportunity to express yourself, your creative abilities, and to realize your ambitions after graduation. In addition to studying, you will have a rich student life. I wish you health and the implementation of all your plans. Welcome to the MEPhI family!

The creative teams of the university gave their performances and told about their activities. In turn, the students shared their views on their creative ‘laboratories’, with warmth and pride.  

Chairman of the Joint Students Council оf MEPhI Adelya Khasanova advised the freshmens to develop their skills constantly and not miss opportunities. “Come to our student Council and to our events. Enjoy every moment of student life! ” said Adela.