International students told about studying at IATE MEPhI Preparatory Department

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 47 students from different countries of the world studied at the Preparatory Department of IATE MEPhI. Students were from Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Vietnam, Egypt, Zambia, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Kenya, China, Lebanon, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Eritrea, South Africa, Jamaica. During their studies, students got acquainted with the Russian culture, learned the Russian language, made new friends from different parts of the world.

The students shared their impressions of living in Russia and the educational process at IATE MEPhI.

“My name is Rania Ali Sharaf and I am from Lebanon. I came to Russia to study nuclear energy and thermal physics. IATE MEPhI is a wonderful place where you can meet students from all over the world. It was very interesting for me to study with my teachers and classmates. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, our classes went online. Despite the fact that our training took place remotely, we understood all the material thanks to the excellent organization of the lessons. My Russian language is much better now.  I can talk and understand what’s going on around. I realized that you can’t just learn Russian, you need to feel it. I am very glad that I will continue my studies at MEPhI, as I have found my place here. I would like to thank the teachers and the Department of International Education and Cooperation for making every effort to let us know what Russia and its culture are."

“My name is Amir, I came from Egypt, graduated from the Preparatory Department of IATE NRNU MEPhI. I have always dreamed of coming to Russia. I was born in Leningrad. My mother is Russian. My father is Egyptian. He is a professor of the Department of Physics, and he also studied in Russia. Russia is a great country of opportunities. Very kind people, good climate. I really like Russian culture - music, theaters, museums, cinema. I love to study and learn a lot. All teachers and staff help students as much as they can. This year I made many new Russian friends, and with all the students in my group. MEPhI is a leading technical university not only in Russia but also in the world. I applied to study at MEPhI in the specialty "Nuclear Energy and Thermal Physics" in order to fulfill my dream - to study and work in Russia.”

“My name is Xu Mingxing, and I am from China. Russia is a multinational country and has good relations with China. MEPhI is a huge institute. It takes a leading position among universities in the world. Here I met many great teachers and students from different countries. I had a great time.

“My name is Bashar. I am from Yemen. I came to Russia to enter MEPhI and get a good education and an interesting experience. Russia is a huge country with incredible nature, where there are many beautiful places and historical monuments, and the people are very good and kind. Education at the university goes well. There are a lot of good teachers here. Every year, IATE hosts several interesting events, in which students can show their creativity. In conclusion, I want to thank the university and the teachers.”

“My name is Ernest Ndhlovu and I am from South Africa. IATE MEPhI is one of the best in the field of engineering and biomedicine. On the very first day, there was a warm welcome. The dorms have everything that students need. Also in the Institute, there is a sports complex, warm and clean auditoriums, a canteen, a cafe, a medical office, security. I would like to thank the Department of International Education and Cooperation for the excellent work, as well as our teachers, who gave us a lot of knowledge and who speak foreign languages ​​well. It helped a lot to communicate at first. Even during the study of difficult material, the teachers were patient and helped us until we fully mastered the topics. They taught us a lot of things. Now, after graduating from the preparatory faculty, we can communicate in Russian. I really enjoyed studying in Russia. The university has always taken care of us. I met here a lot of new friends from different countries, with whom we are now very close. I learned not only Russian but also got acquainted with Russian culture, thanks to which I now feel comfortable in this country. I really enjoyed living in the student’s dormitory, we became a real family. During the pandemic, we could easily study online from the dorm. The road to the institute takes 15 minutes and it is cheap. The train station, shops, pharmacies and post office are also nearby. In our free time, my friends and I went for a walk in the park, played football on the sports ground. Obninsk is a great town with friendly people and a rich history. I would like to thank the IATE, the Department of International Education and Cooperation and the teachers for their excellent work and their love that they have given us. I look forward to the new educational year."

“My name is Mofia Blessings. I am from Zambia. I studied at IATE NRNU MEPhI for a whole year. It was a very interesting experience. The training was quite difficult, as it was necessary to get used to the climate, learn the language, and integrate into the new environment. Despite all the difficulties that I faced, it seems to me that everything worked out for me. Russian people are very hospitable. I made a lot of friends here. I really enjoyed studying in Russia.”