MEPhI enters top-5 best Russia universities in Forbes ranking, taking first place for education quality

Forbes has published a new ranking of the 100 best Russian universities.

The National Research Nuclear University MEPhI entered the top- 5 in the overall ranking and ranked 1st place in quality of education.

Forbes published the Russian universities rating for the third time, but this year there have been changes in its methodology.

There is a new parameter “Teacher Quality” appeared in the metric “Quality of education”, which is based on monitoring data from the Ministry of Education and Science. The new parameter assesses teachers' salaries, teacher-to-student ratios, the presence and proportion of foreign teachers. The parameter “International activity” assesses the proportion of foreign students studying at a university, the organization of foreign internships, and the having the dual-degree study programs with foreign universities.  The parameter "Examination level" of accepted students remained unchanged.

The magazine also conducted a survey of large employer companies and created a new metric “Graduate Quality”. It shows the demand for young specialists who have graduated from a particular university. The final result of the rating was also affected by the metric “Forbes Factor”, which reflects the elitism of the institution. It took into account the presence of universities in the leading foreign ratings QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education, as well as the presence of well-known graduates and students.