MEPhI took first place in ranking by demand among engineering university in Russia

In 2019 MEPhI retained the position of the most demanded engineering university in Russia, it follows from the rating of the demand for universities at MIA Russia Today.

The study included 436 universities — state, municipal and private universities, in particular 88 classical universities, 125 engineering universities, 49 agricultural, 65 humanitarian, 59 universities in the field of management and 50 medical.

“The rating of the MIA“ Russia Today ”in terms of the demand for universities is important for students, applicants and their parents, as well as for the universities themselves. It is pleasant that MEPhI took first place in this rating among engineering (technical) universities. MEPhI graduates are widely demanded on the labor market, primarily in high-tech Russian industries, as well as in leading foreign research and educational centers and companies, ” said Mikhail Strikhanov, Rector of MEPhI.  

The authors of the rating note that regional universities have reliably and steadily settled in the groups of leaders of domestic higher education. According to the head of the Social Navigator project, Natalya Tyurina, this has a positive effect on the labor market of its subjects and allows students to have access to quality education throughout Russia and.

This is the fifth study of the demand for Russian universities. It is based on three groups of indicators: the share of graduates who was referred to job, the commercialization of an organization’s intellectual product, and the citation of the work of its employees.

This year, the study is dedicated to the first Minister of Education and Science of the Samara Region, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Yefim Kogan, the head of this project in 2014-2019. He died in November last year.