(Upd.) MEPhI against coronavirus: about current situation at University

Please, stay home!

MEPhI strongly recommends that students and employees stay self-isolated at home and go out only if it is absolutely necessary.

Upd. (1/04) Access to MEPhI dormitories  changed access is possible only for residents, entry and exit from 23:00 to 5:00 is limited. We ask students returning to dorms from other regions to observe the self-isolation for at least 14 days.

Upd. (31/03) The Joint Council of Students organized a delivery of food, medicine and other essentials for all residents of MEPhI dormitories.

Upd (30/03) Employees who not included in the list of persons ensuring the safe functioning of MEPhI infrastructure facilities cannot have access to the university on non-working days. (order of rector of MEPhI)

Upd (27/03) From March 28 to April 5, extraordinary vacations are announced.

Body temperature of each visitor is measured at the entrance to the university. Employees with a high temperature are not allowed to work. Workers over 65 years old and who have chronic diseases can switch to remote work by sending an application to HR Department. Relevant documents — Appendix to the decree of the Mayor of Moscow; Corresponding order of the rector No. 84-3 (03.24.2020)

MEPhI student associations organize various online activities and invite to join volunteer activities.


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education made an order"On the activities of hostels, hotels, resorts, boarding houses, and rest homes." The Ministry pays special attention to the inadmissibility of the forced eviction of dormitories residents during quarantine and provides recommendations on the prevention of coronavirus infection.

Additional sanitization is carried out in all buildings. The dormitory administration was entrusted with the organization a special separate block for students and staff in quarantine in the medium term. It will be announced later.

Now there are medical posts in two dormitories (Moskvorechye St., 2, building 1 and Proletarsky Prospekt, 8, building 2). If you notice symptoms of a respiratory infection, please, seek medical attention immediately!

To all wishing, delivery of complex lunches to dormitory is organized. Every day from 20:00 to 9:00, you can leave a request the next day.(link is external) If you are in self-isolation, the order will be delivered right to the door of the room. In other cases, you will need to go down to the first floor and pick it up yourself. To minimize personal contacts, payment by card is provided. 50-70 people use this service daily.

Learning process

All lessons is held online according to the schedule. An exception is physical education classes that are temporarily canceled. A part of the laboratory work will be replaced by seminars. After the return of the educational process to full-time format, a reverse replacement will take place. Laboratory work that can be carried out remotely (for example, in programming) remain unchanged.

Details of the implementation of research must be discussed with your supervisor, the conditions for practical training - with the enterprise. For other issues related to educational activities, please contact the program managers or the student office: stoffice@mephi.ru.

One of the tools for distance learning is Skype. Links to each virtual office will appear directly in the class schedule on the portal home.mephi.ru  Instructions for students and teachers are available here. In case of technical problems, please, contact technical support 9999@mephi.ru  On the corporate portal you can also take a survey on readiness for distance learning, which will help improve the system: https://home.mephi.ru/covid_polls/new

Information on all changes and additional instructions are promptly sent by corporate mail and published on the MEPhI information resources. Official documents can also be found on the page of the Operations Headquarters. If you still have questions related to the prevention of coronavirus infection, please, call the MEPhI hotline: +7 (495) 788 56 99, ext. 7071 (during working hours).