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Foreign graduates of MEPhI are grateful to the University for confidence in the future


On July 11, 2019, a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas of higher education to foreign students was been held in MEPhI. Representatives of 12 countries, such as Bangladesh, Armenia, Bolivia, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, received the cherished diplomas of the famous University — confirmation of hard work and quality knowledge. This year 28 graduates have been awarded diploma with honors.

The rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov addressed the graduates with a welcoming speech. He noted that those years were not easy for many students. "It was necessary not only to learn the difficult Russian language, but also to comply with the strict rules and requirements of teachers. Study process has given you great advantages to work in various organisations, mainly related to nuclear technology, but I am sure that you have received a broader education that allows you to really confidently go through life, move up the career ladder, having good prospects. We are proud that you are our graduates!”

The newly qualified specialists were also congratulated by attache of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Russia Hussam Yunis Lutfi Osman, adviser of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Russia Karina Danielyan, second Secretary and Consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Russia Mohamed Mostafa Elvi Mohamed Saif.

MEPhI Vice-rector Tatiana Leonova and Director of educational projects of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Valery Karezin joined the congratulations and particularly commended the work of the ambassadors of the State Corporation "Rosatom" — Ahmed Farsim (Bangladesh), Almas Yskakov (Kazakhstan), Abualasal Ahmad Khalaf Ahmad (Jordan), Elzayat Tarek Taufik Hassan (Egypt).

On behalf of all foreign students words of gratitude were said by Almas Yskakov: "Training in the walls of his native University has come to an end. During this time, MEPhI has become the place where our whole life was built. Each of us sitting in this hall has an intensity of emotions and memories connected with the University. For each of us, MEPhI means something his own, but at the same time it is our common University, which unites all of us. I want to take this moment and thank all employees, who develop international cooperation in our University. If not for you, I would have never met these smart, beautiful, talented guys from all over the world. Dear teachers! Thank you very much for spending so much time, so much effort and so much nerves during our training. Thank you for the knowledge and invaluable experience that we can apply in our future professions. Thank you! And, of course, I would like to thank my supervisor. Being a graduate of MEPhI, I am confident in my future! Thanks to the capabilities of my University, I became an Ambassador of Russian nuclear education. Professional experience, which was acquired at MEPhI, contributed to the employment in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Today I am an employee of JINR and I want to thank MEPhI for everything, thank you for the bright future. MEPhI is our brand and we will carry it with pride!”

The diplomas were presented by the Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering (INPhE) MEPhI Natalia Barbashina, associate professor of the Department № 2 of INPhE MEPhI Sergey Korolev, Deputy Director of the INPhE MEPhI Georgy Tikhomirov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, Professor at INPhE MEPhI Igor Yashin, representative of IATE MEPhI (Obninsk site), candidate of technical sciences Dmitry Samokhin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor of the Department №1 of the INPhE MEPhI Victor Demin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of the Department № 13 of INPhE MEPhI Kirill Kutsenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of the Department № 5 of INPhE MEPhI Vladimir Kharitonov.

Congratulations to each student on the completion of training and lets wish success in life!


Photos from the graduation ceremony can be found here: https://yadi.sk/d/YYucl7GM8B-H4A

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