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IFES and ICIS MEPhI hold joint Open Day


The Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems together with the Institute of Financial and Economic Security of MEPhI has held the Open Day, which, as always, gathered concerned applicants and their parents. The program of the event began in the Assembly hall, where welcoming speeches were made by representatives of institutions, invited guests-employers, Executive Secretary of the Admission Commission and a representative of the Military department. In addition, during the Open Day winners and prize-winners of the international student cryptography Olympiad NSUCRYPTO were awarded.

The event was opened by Valentin Klimov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems, who spoke about the unit, its history and the main vectors of development. "We pay attention to all the key global problems in the field of IT-technologies. First of all, this is the problem of artificial intelligence, its development, introduction of robots, so-called neurotechnological revolution. We must ensure Russia's timely and decent access to the world level. We are also interested in the development of smart homes, cars and anything that works without human intervention. Another important area of work is information security and the fight against cybercrime. Our Institute was created on the basis of triad: science, security, innovation. We stand on the threshold of new scientific discoveries and introduce them into training, so we prepare in-demand and competitive specialists," Valentin Klimov said.

The program was continued by Anna Norkina, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Financial and Economic Security of MEPhI. "IFES was established more than 12 years ago to meet the staffing needs of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring) and other special services of the Russian Federation. The tasks of the Rosfinmonitoring include two areas: countering the financing of terrorism and the production of weapons of mass destruction. We also cooperate with other large companies and corporations. Depending on the needs of the market, we make adjustments to the curriculum to prepare specialists adapted to modern conditions who will be in demand in the labor market," Anna Norkina summed up. Also, the IFES Deputy Director thanked everyone for their interest in the event and invited to the joint Open Day of all units of MEPhI in order to feel the atmosphere of the University better.

The official part included a speech by the representative of Rosfinmonitoring Karina Churycheva. "We are waiting for students of MEPhI to have practice and internships, it is an invaluable experience in the field of financial investigations. We want to see specialists with knowledge in the legal framework, foreign languages, the ability to work with open sources, with knowledge in the IT field, in mathematics, as well as with good personal characteristics. Every year, experts from MEPhI join our team. For example, a graduate of MEPhI 2009 have passed our practice several times, then came to our team, and in 2018 he took the position of the head of the department. This is a very good career, and this young man set an example and proved that everything is possible," said Karina Churicheva and invited guests to the master class of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service "One hundred roads and one is yours!»

A series of presentations was continued by the head of the joint project of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and Mail.ru Group Oksana Ozernaya. "The project "Technoatom" was created to reduce the gap in knowledge that is taught at the University and which are acquired directly at work. "Technoatom" has been in existence for two years, when leading specialists of the Mail.ru Group come to MEPhI and teach students various programming languages absolutely free of charge. In order to take part in the project, you need to be a student of MEPhI and pass the online selection, then you will be able to attend classes and at the end of the course will receive a certificate. With this certificate, you are awarded additional points for admission to the master's program of MEPhI, as well as you can come to our company for an internship. Last year, 37 students of MEPhI were trained with us," Oksana Ozernaya said and invited to learn more information about the project "Technoatom" and internships in the Mail.ru Group at the stand of the company, which is located in the library.

The next block of presentations was devoted to the admission issues. The Executive Secretary of the Admission Commission Igor Tsvetkov presented the results of last year's admission: passing points, control admission figures, minimum points for submission of documents. He noted that in recent years the quality of admission to the University had steadily increased, as evidenced by the increase in the average score of the exam those enrolled in MEPhI. Igor Tsvetkov also drew attention to the fact that MEPhI will start to accept documents on June 15, and more detailed rules of admission can be found on the official website of the University – the Admission Commission of MEPhI.

The official part of the Open Day ended with the speech of the head of the Military department, Colonel Andrey Korostelev. In his speech, he noted that MEPhI was actively involved in all projects that the Ministry of Defense implements in relation to students. The work is carried out in four major areas. The first is the training of reserve officers in the interests of high-tech units of the Russian Defense Ministry in related areas of training. The second is the training of soldiers and reserve sergeants. The third direction concerns students who have not been trained at the military department. After graduating from MEPhI, they can undergo military service in a scientific company. And fourth – graduates of MEPhI are in great demand by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well-established specialists.

After the official part students were invited to the library, where they were offered various master classes and exhibition of scientific groups of ICIS and IFES. "Analysis of information security of public Wi-Fi", "Investments. The formation of a business case", “Virtual reality technology", "Analysis of links in the social network "Vkontakte", "Internet of things" – these are not the whole list of master classes that took place on that day in MEPhI. The Federal Financial Monitoring Service held two master classes as part of the Open Day: "One hundred roads and one is yours!" and "Financial intelligence in the modern world".

Guests of the Open Day ICIS and IFES shared their impressions about the event.

Natalia Koval, 10th grade: "I'm in 10th grade and so far only choose the direction in which I want to develop. I often look through the websites of technical universities, that’s how I’ve learned about the Open Day in MEPhI. I decided to come to learn more about ICIS and look at the University itself. At school, I like to study Mathematics and Computer science, so I drew attention to ICIS. I believe that this is a promising direction. I liked the Open Day: good organization and a detailed story about the admission process made a good impression about the University. I also learned about career paths that are available after graduation."

Ilya Titov, 10th grade: "I’ve learned about the Open Day on the website of the Lyceum №1511. Today I am not alone, my parents came with me, because they also are interested in the question of my admission. I am interested in information technology and I know that MEPhI is one of the leaders in this area. I came today to talk with representatives of the institutes and students, and I succeeded. I just talked to a student of ICIS, I liked what I heard. In the future, I am going to enter MEPhI, for me this University is not a stranger, I study at the Pre-university of MEPhI, and sometimes have classes here. Since childhood, I have been interested in information security, and I hope that I will be able to develop in this direction."

Georgiy Chubchev, 10th grade: "I study in the MEPhI Pre-university and want to go here, so keep up with the website of the University and its news. I listened to several lectures, learned a lot of new things and I am sure that I will be able to learn even more if I study here. While I was most interested in the Department of applied mathematics and computer science, I hope I will be able to enter them. The atmosphere in the Lyceum and the University is very pleasant: it is another world where you are loved and known, where you can study what you like quite uninhibitedly, do what you are interested in, explore what you want. I wish everyone to find such an island of peace and understanding in this hectic world."

Camilla Musina, 11th grade: "I often monitor websites of technical universities and actively attend their Open days. I am already in the 11th grade, so the question of admission for me is incredibly important. I like Physics and Computer science, so I'm interested in ICIS. Learning computers and programming are things I like. I also believe that this area is promising, and after graduation I will become a sought-after specialist. I am already familiar with the University, took part in its competitions, so I can not say that my impression of MEPhI has changed, it is as positive as before."

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