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MEPhI sums up results of WorldSkills Qualifying Competition


On the 29th of June the WorldSkills Qualifying Competition of MEPhI has been finished. For several days of the contest the experts identified those who will have to compete for the title of best at the national final of the WorldSkills Russia Competition among universities in autumn.

The Chairman of the organizing committee of the Competition, vice–rector of the MEPhI Elena Vesna noted that all participants showed a good level of training: “Each of you is already a winner, because it’s a place where the best in each professional field compete. I know that the participants showed themselves well in all skills, this is the experts’ opinion. Those who will pass to the next stage will need to train hard to perform well in the final of the second inter-University championship on WorldSkills standards. I congratulate the new team of the University for the beginning of a great and responsible work!”

The Deputy Director General of the Union of Young professionals WorldSkills Russia Igor Superekin pointed out the importance of such competitions: “You will remember this drive for a long time. The competitive spirit will pass, but the contacts that you can now establish with each other will remain for the whole life. Even if you do not go beyond the intra-University stage, you will be able to learn your growth areas and start working on them to become qualified and great demanded professionals in the future”.

This year, the competition has been held in 18 skills, which is twice as much as last year. The championship has been attended by 128 students and 110 employees from 9 branches of the University. 25 employees of the University were trained and received certificates for the right to host the WorldSkills standards championships, 12 of them were the main experts of the competition.

The participants of WorldSkills Competition told how they learned about the championship and why they decided to take part in it.

Alexandr Lubshov: “I participated in the skill "Management of unmanned aerial vehicles", although it’s not so long as I am addicted to quadcopters. I decided to try my hand and understand what I managed to achieve in such a short time. I was also interested to see the skills of other participants and learn something from them”.

Svetlana Slepneva: «I learned about WorldSkills from teachers in MEPhI. I decided to take part in the intramural stage in the Video Production skill, because I do it for a long time and feel confident working with video. My task is to make a story about a person who participates in the competence of "Prototyping". I really want to get to the inter-University championship and go even further, but other participants are also well prepared. I think that each of us has a chance to make a statement and become a winner”.

The results of the MEPhI Competition were summed up not only in Moscow, but also in the University branches – TTI, SPTI, OTI, VETI, and at the Obninsk site of MEPhI. Teams from the branches watched the solemn awarding of the winners of the qualifying championship in the video mode.

The results of the Qualifying WorldSkills Competition of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI:

Laser technologies

1st place: Mikhail Pavlovich Paskhalov (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

2nd place: Valeria Andreevna Logacheva (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

3rd place: Denis Alekseevich Safronov (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)


1st place: Vladislav Olegovich Kostikov, Sophia Vladimirovna Samokhvalova (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

2nd place: Zlata Aleksandrovna Bokareva, Diana Georgievna Pospelova, (VETI MEPhI)

3rd place: Ekaterina Olegovna Bakulina, Vladislav Viktorovich Chugunov (OINPE MEPhI)

Control of unmanned aerial vehicles

1st place: Mikhail Alexandrovich Shadrin (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

2nd place: Alexandra Timofeevna Filippova (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

3rd place: Alexey Olegovich Dolgopolov (the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

Mobile robotics

1st place: Victoria Alexeevna Salakhutdinova / Angelina Dmitrievna Turetskikh (TI MEPhI)

2 place: Vladislav Alexandrovich Buchinsky / Oleg Aleksandrovich Golovach (OTI MEPhI)

3rd place: Sophia Dmitrievna Kryuchkova / Ilya Leonidovich Polozov (OTI MEPhI) and Fedor Viktorovich Trishin / Olga Petrovna Shkerina (TTI MEPhI)

Web design and development

1st place: Victor Alexandrovich Firus (VETI MEPhI)

2nd place: Robert Gakifovich Kiyamov (DETI MEPhI)

3rd place: Vladimir Petrovich Petchenko (BETI MEPhI)


1st place: Alexey Victorovich Zudov (TI MEPhI)

2nd place: Alexandr Nikolaevich Mashkin (TI MEPhI)

3rd place: Pavel Alexandrovich Egupov (TTI MEPhI)

Laboratory chemical analysis

1 place: Nikita Alexandrovich Bulaev (OTI MEPhI)

2nd place: Yuri Alexeevich Karzanov (OTI MEPhI)

3rd place: Veronica Radikovna Khalitova (OTI MEPhI)

Engineering CAD design

1st place: Semyon Ivanovich Murzin (SPTI MEPhI)

2nd place: Evgeny Sergeevich Yelsukov (TTI MEPhI)

3rd place: Denis Evgenyevich Startsev (TTI MEPhI)

Software solutions for business

1st place: Alexey Pavlovich Laptev (TTI MEPhI)

2nd place: Dmitriy Igorevich Samokhvalov (TI MEPhI)

3rd place: Liliya Vadimovna Zakirova (TTI MEPhI)

Graphic design

1st place: Julia Vladimirovna Balandina (OINPE MEPhI)

2nd place: Valeria Sergeevna Suponya (OINPE MEPhI)

3rd place: Anastasiya Andreevna Gurikova / Elizaveta Sergeevna Strukova (OINPE MEPhI)

Medical and social care

1st place: Marina Evgenyevna Perepelitsa (OINPE MEPhI)

2nd place: Anna Vitalyevna Samoilova (OINPE MEPhI)

3rd place: Natalia Viktorovna Adushkina (OINPE MEPhI)


1st place: Vitaliy Konstantinovich Fedorov (SPTI MEPhI)

2nd place: Vladimir Alexandrovich Goshkoderov (MEPhI)

3rd place: Elizaveta Alexeevna Gomozova (MEPhI)

Development of solutions using blockchain technology

1st place: Daniil Andreevich Andreev / Maxim Alexandrovich Pak / Ivan Petrovich Churilov (MEPhI)

Machine learning and big data

1st place: Oleg Vladimirovich Soloviev (OINPE MEPhI)

2nd place: Viktoriya Valerievna Ryabtseva / Anatoly Anatolievich Filatov (OINPE MEPhI)

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