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The best technicians of country fight at Olympiad in MEPhI


On April 22, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI has announced results of three directions of the Russian Student Olympiad – one of the largest educational competitions among students, held in accordance with the competitive distribution by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation at the leading universities of the country. On this day, the University honored the winners of three directions held in MEPhI: “Automatics, electronics and nanostructured electronics”, “Engineering and physical technologies of biomedicine” and “Information security”.

The competitions was attended by 297 students from over 30 universities of Russia, among which were such largest Russian universities as Bauman Moscow State Technical University, National Research University MIET, North-Caucasian Mining and Metallurgical Institute, Peter the Great St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Academy of FSO Russia and others. In addition to the Moscow site MEPhI was represented by its branches.

Participants and Olympiad winners were welcomed by the heads of the MEPhi institutions: NESPI, PhysBio and ICIS, as well as representatives of the companies-employers and sponsors.

According to the Director of the MEPhI Institute of nanotengeneering in Electronics, Spictronics and Photonics N.I. Kargin, a good trend is a noticeable increase in the number of nonresident participants who not only participate, but become winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad.

The Director of PhysBio MEPhI I.N. Zavestovskaya thanked students for participation in the Olympiad and urged not to stop: "Study further, go to the magistracy and postgraduate study, go to science. You’ve made the right choice. Biomedical technologies are one of the most brilliant areas, which are very much in need. Our future is in your hands!”

As noted by the Director of ICIS MEPhI S.Y. Misurin, participation in the competition gives new experience and skills to fight and win that will be useful in the future. "I wish you not to rest on your oars!" Sergey Misurin addressed the participants.

Representatives of employers and sponsors who were present on that day noted in their speeches the high level of knowledge of Russian students, who will develop domestic science and business in the future. Wishing further development, success and every victory in life, future employers stressed that they will be happy to see the guys in their teams.

Under the terms of the competition, winners and prize-winners of the Russian Student Olympiad have preferences for admission to the master's program of any Russian University. Speaking on behalf of the joint organizing Committee of MEPhI Olympiads, Alexander Maslennikov informed that winners and prize-winners of individual competition at the Russian Olympiads are being enrolled in a University without entrance examinations, and the winners and prize-winners in the team competition receive additional points at the admission to the master's degree, which gives an advantage over other competitors.

Winners and prize-winners were determined by the best indicators of performance of competitive tasks in personal and team records. In accordance with the decision of the jury places were distributed as follows:

Russian student Olympiad in automatics, electronics and nanostructured electronics:

  • Winner of the Olympiad – Evgeny Ilnitsky, MEPhI;
  • Diploma of 2nd degree – Denis Markovich, MEPhI;
  • Diploma of 3rd degree –Vladimir Terekhov, Bauman MSTU.

Russian Student Olympiad in engineering and physical technologies of biomedicine:

  • Winner of the Olympiad – Sergey Dukhalin, MIPT;
  • Diploma of the 2nd degree – Anna Mezheumova, MEPhI;
  • Diploma of 3rd degree – Alexey Krotov, Ural Federal University named after. B. N. Yeltsin.

Russian Student Olympiad in information security:

  • Winner of the Olympiad – Yaroslav Shmelev , MIET;
  • Diploma of 2 and 3 degree – Irina Belyaeva, MEPhI and Dmitry Kiryushkin, MEPhI.

In the team event, the places were distributed as follows:

In the direction of “Automatics, electronics and nanostructured electronics”:

1 place – MEPhI;

2nd place – Dagestan State University;

3rd place – Bauman MSTU.

In the direction of "Engineering and physical technologies of biomedicine»:

1 place – MEPhI;

2 place – Ural Federal University named after. B. N. Yeltsin;

3 place – Obninsk Institute for nuclear power engineering MEPhI.

In the direction of “Information security”:

1 place – MEPhI;

2nd place – Academy of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation;

3 place – MIET.

Evgeny Ilnitskiy, MEPhI, 1st place in Olympiad on automatics, electronics and nanostructured electronics:

 – I already have a great experience of participation in various Olympiads. I was offered to participate in this one, and I can say that it was very useful for me to listene to the course "Theory of automatic control", which I can honestly call as one of the most interesting for me. During the Olympiad, I sat almost to the end, took the job seriously, and perhaps this is the secret of my success.

Anna Mezheumova, MEPhI, 2nd place in Olympiad on engineering and physical technologies in biomedicine:

– I took part in this Olympiad for the first time. Last year, my groupmate became a laureate in it, and I decided to try my hand. Also, I was attracted by the opportunity to enter the master's program without exams, and in general it is just interesting. The tasks were similar to those presented in the demonstration version, of course, with small changes and complications. So I suggest all to solve them, especially those which give the maximum number of points.

Igor Shishkov, Siberian physical-technical Institute MEPhI, laureat of Olympiad in “Engineering and physical technologies in biomedicine”:

– It is my first time when I participated in this Olympiad. Although I study in the specialty "Nuclear physics and technology", I decided to try my hand, it's interesting, gained useful experience. The tasks were of different complexity, and they were similar to those in physics, but formulated in a different way.

Yaroslav Shmelev, MIET, 1st place in information security:

– This is my third Olympiad. At first I took the third place, then the second and here, at last, the first. I have been working hard, every year received more experience, trained in Kaspersky Lab. This year there were a lot of tasks, 10 for three hours, but it's good, because people showed that they can orient themselves in various tasks. I liked the format of the event, because there was an element of the competition: you see that you have 60 points, and someone has already have 70! Intrigue persists until the end and it sets you forward. I advise all future participants to take an active part in such events, to teach theory and to read classics – both in cryptography and in technical information protection.

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