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In memory of Nikolay Borisovich Narozhny


On this day, the Grand Hall of the Department for Theoretical Nuclear Physics of MEPhI hardly contained all those who wanted to remember and pay tribute to the remarkable and extraordinary bright man, a great scientist and organizer of science, a unique teacher Nikolay Borisovich Narozhny. Colleagues, friends, students and colleagues came to the opening of the memorial tablet to Professor N.B. Narozhny, continuing the glorious tradition of our University to perpetuate the memory of those who devoted their lives to the formation and development of their native University.

Nikolay Borisovich earned universal respect for his multifaceted activities. He was an outstanding scientist and an outstanding organizer. Nikolay Borisovich continued the work of his great predecessors I.E. Tamm, M.A. Leontovich, V.M. Galitsky; the Department for Theoretical Nuclear Physics took the highest place, which must be taken by a leading department of the leading University. In addition, he had a lot of other purely human advantages, and many people reached for him – in such words the rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov opened the ceremony.

“The main feature of Nikolay Borisovich, the dominant of his character was respect for people. It created around him a very comfortable atmosphere,” the head of the Department of Competitive Systems Analysis Boris Onykiy shared memories. “He had a lot of trust from physicists, he led many scientists to work at MEPhI in his time.”

“Nikolay Borisovich was very proud of the fact that he worked at MEPhI. At numerous conferences in our country and abroad, he carried MEPhI brand,” said Tatiana Narozhnaya speaking to the audience. Thanking all for the appreciation of a spouse, she noted that MEPhI was a second or maybe first home for Nikolay Borisovich. He was able to do science nights and at weekends, always happy to go to the University, and on his return he was already thinking about next day.

An American scientist, Professor of MEPhI and graduate of the Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics E.D. Lozansky stressed the great contribution made by Nikolay Borisovich to the development of international contacts. "Today, in a difficult political situation the role of scientists, in particular physicists, to stabilize the situation is very important. Thanks to Nikolay Borisovich a course of lectures by professors of the USA universities, which weekly give knowledge to students of the University, was organized at MEPhI.”

“When I was a student, Nikolay Borisovich lectured on general physics, and, of course, it was his merit that I was able to improve this subject after school,” said the head of the Department of Applied Mathematics Nikolay Kudryashov. “It was very strict but impartial teacher, who set interesting tasks and asked curious questions. Communication with him as a student and then a young scientist gave me a lot... He was a very bright and exiting person, and for me it was a discovery that he knew a lot of poems and read them well.”

A student of Nikolay Borisovich, a graduate of MEPhI, and now an employee of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Vladimir Shevchenko remarked the amazing intuition of the scientist, a high level of scientific management. "In the allocation of graduates, he knew where and in what institution a particular person should go. And he turned out to be right, as evidenced by their continued success. And he was for me the canonical example of the Russian intellectual, had an internal core. He had his own position, his own opinion, which he always defended."

"Nikolay Borisovich was a surprisingly gifted man. It was manifested in the fact that he solved any even a very difficult task easily, beautifully, without straining others. He saw the meaning and interest in any task, so he was successful in any field, whatever he did – in science, communication, administrative work. A good member of a team, a colleague, a vivid example of cleverness and talent,” says the scientist vice-rector Elena Borisovna Vesna.

That day people said a lot of warm words of gratitude and memories about Nikolay Borisovich Narozhy. Now, this remarkable man, who did so much to science and to his home University, will always look at the present and future MEPhI generations from the memorial plaque…

N.B. Narozhny (06.11.1940 – 15.02.2016) graduated the Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics MEPhI in 1964. He was Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1982) and professor (1983).

From 1983 to 2016 N. B. Narozhny headed the Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics MEPhI. Under his leadership, the Department obtained a unique teaching staff; a leading scientific school in the field of fundamental quantum processes physics in the fields of radiation received international recognition.

N.B. Narozhny is the author of pioneering works on quantum optics, physics of super-strong laser and gravitational fields and nonlinear quantum electrodynamics. With co-authors he developed the neper-turbative methods of calculation of probabilities of non-linear quantum processes in the field of superstrong electromagnetic wave (1964-1980), predicted the effect of collapse and recovery of quantum systems (1980), developed a theory of relativistic ponderomotive scattering in an intense laser field (1988-1995), explored the dynamic effects of Lamb and Casimir (2001), found the maximum achievable intensity of laser radiation (2010), the theory of quantum cascades in high-power laser pulses (2011-2016).

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