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Students and graduates of MEPhI are laureates of scholarships of Russian Federation President and Government


The Order No. 843 of the 28th of August 2017 of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation has summed up the work of the Expert Commission of the Ministry of education and science for the selection of candidates among the postgraduate students of higher educational institutions in the country to receive scholarships of the Russian Presidential Scholarship and Russian Government Scholarship in 2017-2018.

In accordance with the provisions of these scholarships, applicants can be only those postgraduate students, whose outstanding abilities in scientific research are confirmed by diplomas of winners of grants for young scientists, international contests, certificates of discoveries or inventions, scientific articles in leading Russian and foreign journals, participation in prestigious scientific symposiums and conferences.

Following the results of the annual competition a young scientist of MEPhI Ilya Ashanin became a laureate of the Russian Presidential Scholarship.

The following postgraduates became laureates of Russian Government Scholarship: Svetlana Bortnikova, Dmitry Bykovsky, Ildar Gubaidulin, and Pavel Struchalin.

In addition, six students from MEPhI will receive Russian Government Scholarship according to the Order No. 842 of the 28th of August 2017 of the Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation.

Scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation is assigned to students studying in full-time education at the expense of the federal budget, who have shown outstanding abilities in educational and scientific activities in the whole course and for individual subjects.

Our students have successfully passed the selection among the applicants in accordance with the approved criteria. They show not only academic excellence, but also are awarded for results of research work, had publications in scientific journals, made presentations at national and international conferences.

Russian Government Scholarship will be received by: Valeria Korotchenko, Eugeny Mezenin, Natalya Nazarova, Irina Orlova, Maria Orlova, and Olesya Rodionova.

Nowadays the students and postgraduates of MEPhI have many opportunities to participate in various contests that are held regularly both by the University and Ministry of education and science.

Congratulations scholars and wish them new achievements in scientific research!

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