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School students listen about professions of future in MEPhI


Robots, artificial intelligence systems, bio- and nanotechnology are actively entering our lives, and professionals need to acquire new knowledge and skills that will be relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

On September, 9 MEPhI has held a lecture for students on “Briefly about the jobs of the future” in the frame of the Grand opening of the project “University Saturdays”. The University representatives told the audience about what is necessary to learn today in order to be in demand in the labour market tomorrow.

The rector of MEPhI M.N. Strikhanov addressed with a salutatory speech to participants.  “Our University holds “University Saturdays” to expertly guide our students on what they can expect in higher education and further career activities,” began Mikhail Nikolayevich his lecture. Speaking about scientific and educational policy of the University, the rector recalled that it is based on the triad: education, based on research and industrial innovation.

It is important to note that MEPhI is the top five Russian universities. MEPhI’s alumni are among the most highly paid in Russia, and in the opinion of the students themselves, the University is at the top.

According to the rector, you can enter the University in a variety of ways: to learn in the Pre-university, in engineering classes, in the network of correspondence school, at the Evening Lyceum.

The rector drew attention to the fact that what school students should expect in case of being admitted to MEPhI: “Since our University has joined the program of global competitiveness, we have international standards of education, diploma of MEPhI is quoted and perceived in Russia and abroad. Students, who have shown excellent ability, have the opportunity to undergo training abroad.”

The rector noted a large number of programs with Russian and foreign universities and with industry. For example, the master's program of MEPhI with Russian Foreign Trade Academy combines engineering training with the preparation of the world economy; in fact it trains diplomats and engineers on promotion of Russian technologies abroad.

M.N. Strikhanov touched on a number of global challenges that will require "big heads" and immensely skilled professionals: “We, the older generation, leave you, on the one hand, a rich inheritance, with another – a problematic legacy. This determines responsibilities of people that will represent the main productive force of the country in 20-25 years.” Future professionals will have to solve problems of ecology, robotics, lack of resources, to seek new sources of energy, to suggest ways of improving the quality of life.

In confirmation of his words, Mikhail Nikolayevich called professions at the crossroads of different fields of knowledge, which now sounds exotic, but will be normal in 20 years.

Architect of augmented reality, smart grid and smart nuclear power plant designers, econanotechnologist, operator of the medical robot – that is not all professions of the future, which in more details were introduced by representatives of the five leading Institutes of the University. From the speeches of the speakers, the students learned that MEPhI is preparing highly professional, capable of self-education, broad-minded, able to work in a team and adapt quickly to changes professionals of the future. They spoke about the development of technology, the latest scientific breakthroughs and developments of MEPhI’s students.

The lecture aroused great interest of the audience. Students actively asked questions about the research and projects of the University who have passed all stages from idea to implementation in real life, in what areas will succeed robotics, in what direction will develop the society. After the event, those interested visited the laboratories and scientific centers of MEPhI.

According to reviews of students, the lecture was useful not only from the point of view of obtaining new knowledge, but also understanding what is MEPhI and why it is worth to study in.

Anastasia Mikhaylova, 11th grade: "At first I thought that the research University is simply a name that is nothing of the bears. After lecture, I realized that there are real developments, scientists conduct research together with the students. Nice to know that there are universities such as MEPhI in Russia. I liked it, I became interested in the direction "Software engineering" of the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems, where I plan to attend next year."

Nicholay Grechikhin, 9th grade: "My parents advised me to go to this lecture, and I was not disappointed. The speakers talked about nuclear technology and the professions associated with them, that's what attracted me. I will enter the Lyceum of the University and later University."

Margarita Smitienko, 10th grade: “Of course, I would consider MEPhI as the University where I want to study, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I liked everything, especially the theme of carbon nanotubes.”

Dmitry Borodin, 11th grade: "When I’ll choose a university, I’ll keep in mind the information received today. The lecture touched on quite a lot of topics that are worthy submitted: cybernetics, and nanotechnology, and bioengineering. Personally, I would like to be engaged in the design of devices and systems."

Alexey Chuvilin, 10th grade: “The rector lucidly told us about the research conducted at the University. I think that IT and biomedicine are promising now, so I want to commit myself to these spheres.”

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