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World's leading scientists meet at ISI2017


August, 21-25 23-rd International Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions has been held at the hotel "Intourist Kolomenskoye", traditionally organized by MEPhI, Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University, with participation Moscow Aviation Institute and Yaroslavl State University.

The theme of the conference covers all major processes associated with ion irradiation of solids: implementation and deceleration of the ions and the occurrence of radiation damage; sputtering; ion-electron and secondary ion emission; light emission under ion impact, ion-assisted processes in thin films and nanostructures; interaction of plasma with the surface.

The conference was attended by leading experts, teachers and students from 20 countries and different cities of Russia – about 200 people. The conference opened with an overview report of one of the founders of this field of knowledge, a world-renowned scientist Professor Peter Sigmund.

The conference demonstrated the new possibilities of ion beams applications in various technologies such as creating a logical element of extremely small size on the basis of quantum dots or surface modification of materials, as well as in the analysis of the composition of matter: space bodies, two-dimensional materials (graphene, boron nitride), and even individual organelles of live tissue.

Great progress has been made in computer simulation of interaction of particles with the first wall of fusion reactors, to chemical reactions involving organic molecules. Significant progress achieved in this regard, in particular, through the use of beams of cluster ions.

The conference was attended by a large number of young participants for whom there was also held a scientific school, in which over 30 people improved their skills, listened to lectures by leading scientists from Russia and from abroad. The young winners of the poster presentations, more than 100 poster presentations were presented there, were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

The participants shared their impressions:

Dr. Rothard Hermann, CIMAP, France

– It is my first time when I came to these series of conferences. I am delighted: it was very interesting and really state of the art science. I was very happy to meet my colleagues not from Russia but from Japan, Germany and other countries. I really enjoyed my time here. It was my first visit to Moscow – that is a fantastic place and I am sure to come back.

Dr. Tokesi Karoly Miklos, Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungary

– I am really happy that I accepted an invitation for this conference. I like the organization, the scientific programme. Everything was excellent: speakers, topics and social programme. I enjoyed being here and I am thinking to return back. I would also like to mention that I appreciate a relaxing atmosphere which was during lectures and coffee breaks. There was a lot of free discussion. You don’t need to improve the conference somehow, just keep it in this way.

The event was held with the support of the Program of increase of competitiveness of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and the dedicated work of the youth team of its Directorate.

The participants of the conference highly appreciated the work of the University for the conference.

In particular, the Organizing Committee MEPhI received gratitude and appreciation "for organizing the conference on important scientific subjects with the invaluable scientific and practical importance along with the original targets for many existing and newly developing production and technical areas. Direct communication with experts on issues of mutual interest repeatedly multiplies the information obtained from published sources, and enriches new scientific ideas and technical solutions. This multiple and qualitatively improves the efficiency of scientific publications, and in general, for the state, generates through scientific research the training of scientific personnel of great socio-economic impact, creates and perfects the collective intelligence between national schools of science."

Johan Malherbe, Professor at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), a member of the Program Committee for the International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids (ICACS) sent his impression about the conference:

– I am back in South Africa after attending a wonderful conference, i.e. the one that you organized. I really think that you and your team did an excellent job with the organization. All that I spoke to were impressed how well things went at the conference. You have great organizational skills.  Please convey my appreciation to your helpers at the conference, i.e. Yury, Vera, Viktoria, Polina and the person who handled the computer at the presentations.

I also thought that the School was a great success.  My students said that they learned a lot.  I personally also felt that the School was really good with some excellent lectures.

The conference was great.  It was nice meeting you and others there.

Best regards



The program Committee decided to hold the next conference on 19-23 August 2019 in Moscow.

Extended abstracts of the conference can be found on the website of the Plasma Physics Department and in the library of MEPhI.

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