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MEPhI awards diplomas to graduates-2017


1404 graduates, 207 diplomas with honors, million warm words and wishes: MEPhI has hosted a solemn awarding of diplomas to graduates of 2017 – anniversary for the University year!

Exactly 75 years ago our University welcomed the first students and over the years has produced a galaxy of famous scientists, academicians, researchers, eminent state and public figures, top managers and international experts and analysts.

Who will today's graduates be, which have received not only knowledge and profession, but also the ability to think creatively, to find innovative solutions, as well as faith in his strength and great motivation in a leading engineering University in the country? They tried to answer this question by recording a video message to themselves of the future in a “time capsule”. Some wished to find a good job, to become a great scientist or a major employer, and many simply spoke words of gratitude to the University and expressed the sadness at leaving of MEPhI.

In any case, we believe that no matter how the future of young people will unfold – they will be a part of the single multinational family of MEPhI graduates, which today can be seen not only in Russia but also in Jordan, Turkey, Vietnam, Algeria, Bangladesh and in almost 40 countries of the world.

On this day the heroes of the occasion were congratulated by the representatives of the University management, faculty and staff, as well as their relatives and friends. In the parting words they wished them all the best and assured that they would always be happy to see them in the University. However, the majority of those who received their diplomas don’t say goodbye to the University! Bachelors will enroll to a master programm, master degree graduates – to postgraduate, and for a few years them will continue interesting and rich student life.

However, there is a diploma in the hands – the result of a long and hard work. What does it give to the graduate, which hopes does he connect with this the red or the blue document?


Yana Lyakhova, Institute of Laser and Plasma technologies, diploma with honours:

  – Once, when I was just starting to work in science, my mentors commented my new idea: “We like your unfounded enthusiasm!” Today I want to thank MEPhI and staff of my Department for the basis, which they provided for my enthusiasm, and for the invaluable support they have given me during all these years. It was an interesting path.

The most vivid impressions during my studies are exams, this is a very serious school. When I was entering MEPhI, I imagined everything in a completely different way; the reality was much harder than I had thought, but much more interesting. During my studies I received many grants, and now have a large number of scientific publications.


Denis Kuznetsov, Institute of nanotechnology in electronics, spintronics and photonics, diploma with honours:

– MEPhI fully has met my expectations. Moreover, enrolling the University I didn’t decide what I wanted to do, I understood it later. Here I was given the opportunity to change direction and to find my way. I am happy that I have this education, great opportunities, great prospects; the life road is open and there is the confidence in the future.

In addition to studying the University gave the opportunity to do sports, exactly sport tourism, and do music. Being a part of the Academic male choir of MEPhI I visited many countries – Israel, Poland, Austria, Germany, and last year we returned with the victory from the World choir games in Sochi. Thank you, MEPhI!


Anna Ivantsova, Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, diploma with honours:

– MEPhI gave me a perfect education, this is out of question, and also good friends and invaluable experience. Sometimes it was very difficult, but I managed to do it. During my studies I participated in many conferences, and last year won a Russian Student Olympiad.


Polina Tolstaya, Institute of International Relations, diploma with honours:

– MEPhI has taught me to cope with any difficulties, find a way out of any situation. My achievements during the years of study are: two years in a row I won a competition for the best student of MEPhI, I have several publications, including in journals of Scopus, I received a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation and several times I won the competition for the scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation.

I wish the freshmen to be prepared for the fact that they will really have to study in this University, not be lazy, and spend a lot of time on self-development.

Andrey Dvoryanchikov, Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine:

– Words cannot express what you feel when dreams come true! I entered this University just exactly for the sake of the Medical Physics Department, it was my dream. I was 12 years old when I visited an MRT office and wanted to know how it works. And now I underwent an internship in the MRT office in one of the best hospitals of Moscow.

MEPhI is the most beautiful memories, the best friends, and wonderful teachers. MEPhI has taught me to find a way out of any situation, learned optimism, positivity. I plan to continue training in a magister program so that not leave this wonderful University.

Congratulations to the graduates of MEPhI and let’s wish them further success in their new stage of life!

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