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Nuclear physicist and economist in one – it is real!


MEPhI together with Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA) with the support of SC “Rosatom” has developed a new master program of double diplomas in the fields of “Nuclear physics and technologies” and “Economics”.

Creation and implementation of a program that provides training of specialists with knowledge in nuclear technology and economics are determined by objective reasons. And the main of them is the strengthening of positions of Russian high-tech companies in the world markets. In particular, two thirds of the order portfolio of the principal employer of the University – the State Corporation “Rosatom” – is outside Russia, at the same time the Corporation is ranked the 1st in the world in the number of simultaneously constructed nuclear power plants abroad: 34 units in 12 countries.

Naturally, this leads to an increase in demand for interdisciplinary professionals with good knowledge of foreign languages, who will promote domestic technology and ideas in the global market. For Rosatom it is nuclear physicists, who know technologies (it is those who are prepared in MEPhI) and have competence in the field of foreign economic activity. Therefore, the specialists trained under the joint program of MEPhI and RFTA can already be sure of their relevance.

The program is designed for those young people who are ready to participate in realization of ambitious plans of the Corporation. By the way, a student will know his working place starting from the first year of study – the specialists of Rosatom assign them to specific divisions in accordance with the preferences and previously obtained competencies. There they will have an internship and diploma dependence.

The program MEPhI-RFTA offers the most convenient schedule for students. Part of the training courses will be held at MEPhI, another, for example, the humanities, at the Academy. Students will receive in-depth language training and the opportunity to participate in a real scientific project in the field of nuclear energy, including the elaboration of its economic justification.

Defending the thesis, the graduate will get two diplomas – of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy.

These advantages have already been evaluated by bachelor program graduates of MEPhI in the direction “Nuclear physics and technologies” Andrey Marchenko and Yulia Litvintsova.

They plan to continue training in a selected area and also decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity to receive additional education in economics to become a successful and in-demand professionals in the nuclear industry.

“I see no reason to study only in one direction, and then drastically change it. In the end there could be not very competent specialist in both fields,” said Andrey.

For reference: Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (RFTA) is one of the leading Russian universities that train specialists in the field of international economic relations and finance, foreign trade management and international law.

According to the quality monitoring of tuition-free admission in Russian universities, RFTA is among the three leading universities of the country in the direction of “Economics”.

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